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Yahoo is one of the most mainstream email applications utilized by numerous users. It has numerous features which are delighted by the clients. But, in certain circumstances, the client needs to save Yahoo Email as Attachment such as for legal purposes to show proof in court.

There could be various other reasons also behind different clients to save Yahoo email as PDF such as to secure Yahoo Mail and so on. Additionally, Yahoo doesn’t considerably offer top-class security for its clients so it’s smarter to keep a copy at a local machine.

Read this blog till the end to figure out how to download emails from Yahoo as an attachment. In the coming segment, we have talked about a genuine user query, which could clarify the current client’s circumstance and need for this review.

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User Query

“Hello! I have been using Yahoo Mail for quite a while yet unexpectedly I need to save my Yahoo emails on the PC as an attachment. The result is that I don’t have an idea of how to do it. Would someone be able to prompt me on how to save Yahoo email to my reports in PDF file format? I truly need the ventured method as I have important emails saved in Yahoo. Much obliged to you.”

How do I Save Yahoo Email as Attachment?

To send or save emails from Yahoo to computer as an attachment. In the impending section, we will talk about a manual and an automated strategy to forward Yahoo email as an attachment.

Manual Method to Send a Yahoo Email as an Attachment

To manually forward Yahoo email as an attachment, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open Yahoo Mail in any browser.
  2. Click on the email you need to save as an attachment,
  3. Now, click on the three dots in the upper right, and click View Raw Message.
  4. Select the whole message content.
  5. Copy it and then paste it into a void PDF file editor manager.
  6. Finally, save the document.

At last, you can save email as an attachment, yet if you need to save various emails as an attachment, this strategy takes a great deal of time and exertion. Thus, to export multiple emails as attachments, the Mailbakup Yahoo Backup tool is the one and best option to save Yahoo email as attachment. This tool can undoubtedly download all emails from Yahoo mail as an attachment.

Automated Solution to Forward Email as an Attachment

You can download all Yahoo email messages with attachments into numerous file formats (PST/EML/MBOX/MSG/PDF). This tool support Pause and Resume option assists with dealing with the interferences during the download process. You can use the below-stated steps to download Yahoo email to PC as an attachment.

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Step by Step Process to Save Yahoo Email as Attachment

Select PDF file format
Browse Location
Apply Filter
Start Backup

After the process completion, you can see the emails in PDF at the objective location.


In this article, we have figured out how to Save Yahoo Email as attachment. There might be able to numerous potential explanations behind clients to export Yahoo Mail folders in PDF, for example, for lawful use. We have referenced different strategies to forward an email as an attachment. Presently, it is dependent upon you to pick among the strategies that suit you the best. But, to download Yahoo email as an attachment, we prescribe using the automated solution to save Yahoo email in PDF.

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