Ways to Export Yahoo Mail Folders Effectively

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Hi Guys!! Are you looking to export Yahoo Mail folders?

Then, in this blog, we will know some of the best methods to download Yahoo email with attachments. Usually, users search this query to secure Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo Mail is a widely used web-oriented email application. This email-client application is used by users in numerous use cases such as; to compose and receive emails at personal and business levels.

But because of Yahoo outage problems and other errors like “Unable to open attachments in Yahoo Mail Error”, the user thinks to backup all the Yahoo Mail data as a backup.

So, if you are also here to know how to download Yahoo Mail email folders to local drive. Then, you are on correct page. This blog will tell you the best and suitable solutions to export emails from Yahoo.

But before proceeding to the solutions part, let us go through and see one user’s query.

User’s Query

“Hello, I am Kylie Lucas, I need to export Yahoo Mail folders to secure my emails from hackers and attackers. But I don’t know the process that how can I download emails from Yahoo Mail. So, if you know how to save all emails from Yahoo then, please let me know the solution. Also, I am not a very technical person so please don’t recommend any technical method. Thanks in Advance!!”

Now, let us know the solution to export emails from Yahoo Mail folders.

How to Backup Email Folders from Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo does not provide a direct and in-built method to export all emails from Yahoo Mail. So, to download emails, there are two methods mentioned below:

Method #1: Automated Method to Export Yahoo Mail Folders

As the manual method has many limitations so to overcome all the limitations and easily backup emails from Yahoo Mail account. There is the best and direct approach, Mailbakup Yahoo Backup Tool. This tool has the ability to download all emails from Yahoo account in just a few clicks. So, to save emails from Yahoo locally, we do not recommend you to use the manual method.

This method is very easy as compared to the manual method. Also, this method gives you multiple advanced features to export Yahoo emails. Now, to know the working and features of this amazing backup tool, read the sections stated-below.

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Working of This Tool

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file format

browse location

start export Yahoo Mail folders

Advanced Features of This Tool

Method #2: How to Add Yahoo Mail into Outlook?

First, you have to set your Yahoo account. Then, you can configure Yahoo Mail to Outlook. This important step depends on whether you have two-step verification enabled or not on your Yahoo account. You have to generate an app password to connect and export Yahoo Mail to Outlook the method to generate an app password is explained below:

Two-Step Verification Enabled? Generate an app password

If the Yahoo account is done with two-step verification, generate a Yahoo Mail app password. If you use this app and password to your Yahoo Mail sign-in password when you configure Outlook.

No Two-step Verification?

If you don’t use two-step verification to secure an account (and you don’t want to enable it), set your account to allow email clients to access it using your Yahoo account sign-in password.

  1. Log in to your Yahoo Mail Account.
  2. In the right upside corner of the web page, choose your profile name and after that choose Account info.
  3. Select Account security.
  4. Select generate an app password.
  5. Choose the version of Outlook, which you want to use from the menu.
  6. You can use the Outlook iOS, Outlook android, or Outlook desktop.
  7. Select Generate option.

Manual Method to Export Yahoo Mail Folders

  1. Go to the File tab.
  2. Select info, then select Add account.
  3. Enter your Yahoo Mail address and then select connects.
  4. Enter your app password.
  5. Choose connect Your Yahoo Mail account is added to Outlook.

Drawbacks of Manual Method


This blog is for the users who are searching for a solution to export Yahoo Mail folders. In this blog, we have stated two solutions; manual and automated. The manual method has some limitations we have mentioned above. So, we recommend using the automated solution to backup emails save emails from Yahoo to computer. Moreover, using this tool you can export emails in PST file format and can forward Yahoo Mail to Outlook.

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