Privacy Policy

Mailbakup™ Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the website! We at Mailbakup™ respect the privacy of every individual who visits this website. Therefore, we are committed to maintaining privacy, safety and security of personal information of all the visitors to this website. We are fully determined to protect and safeguard all kinds of information, of all the purchasers as well as visitors that are disclosed by them to us. We only collect user's personal information for specific business reasons, which are defined prior to users sharing personal data with us. We do not indulge in any other activity like distributing, selling or renting the vital information about you or your purchase at to any other third party company or other bodies.

It is requested that you please go through our Privacy Policy to comprehend the kind of information gathered, purpose that they are used for and our dedicated contribution in shielding you as well as your important information shared by you with us. For any further explanation or clarification on this subject you can write to us and email at

Personal Information Collection

Mailbakup™ does not collect personal information without the permission of users. You can visit our website without disclosing any kind of personal data about yourself. We collect and use personal information for business purposes in order that you may order our backup software applications and take advantage of their technologically enhanced features. While placing an order with us it is required that you login at our support centre and this is an essential criterion. This process assists us in collecting contact information of yours to complete the purchase request, thereby providing you with the ordered products and the related services.

All collected information is saved in safety with us by the usage of access control procedures and powerful network firewalls. This eliminates any mischance of unauthorized access and theft of your personal data. We, here at Mailbakup™ ensure that your information will be treated with utmost discretion and without any disclosure. Our guidelines on the collection and usage of personal information & other data are outlined below:

How Do We Use Your Collected Personal Information?

Order Online: When you place an order online it gets necessary for confirming the personal information. Acquiring personal data becomes urgent so that placed orders reaches to you without delay at correct time and at the exact location.

Technical & Sales Support: To reply to your technical queries about the usage of product or any other question related to sales and purchase, the use of personal information by the respective support team becomes essential.

Survey & Contest: On conduction of any kind of survey or contest by Mailbakup™ we may ask for personal information. Knowhow of personal info is essential so as to inform you about the winners of the contest or outcome of the survey.

Transactions Security: We ensure complete online transaction security when you make any purchase online. The payment gateway used by us is highly protected. However, Mailbakup™ shall not be held responsible for any violation of security.

Alterations to the Privacy Policy

Mailbakup™ holds the right to make any kind of alterations to the existing privacy policy at its solitary discretion. Any changes that are made to the policy shall not be notified on this page and the company reserves the rights to do so. You are requested to kindly visit the page time to time in order to stay updated concerning any alterations that are made.