AOL backup

Cost: 49 USD

Size: 9.1 MB Version: 1.0

AOL data backup

AOL Backup

Backup AOL Emails And Chats In Multiple Formats Like PST, EML, MBOX And MSG

  • Backup for all the folders of a single account of AOL
  • Create and Convert AOL Mail backup into multiple file formats
  • Date based filtering option to exclude unwanted data.
  • Backup supported for all America Online (AOL) versions.

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Download free demo AOL Mail Backup useful to save flawlessly 100 AOL Email items to PST, MSG, EML and MBOX including entire Emails Properties.

Key Features of AOL Backup

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Key Features of AOL Backup Tool

AOL Mail Backup

The AOL Backup software backs up the entire data stored in the mail folders of AOL. The mail folders like inbox, sent items, trash and all the custom created folders are completely saved in the backup file.

AOL Mail Backup Formats

The software supports to convert AOL Mails into PST, EML, MSG and MBOX formats. The backup of the entire mails of AOL can be saved in any of the mentioned file formats. The file formats enable to export AOL email to hard drive.

Deletion of Emails After Backup

In case you want to free up some space in your AOL server, then you can select the Delete After Download option from the software. This option deletes all the mails from the server once you have taken their backup.

Filter Selective Mails

The software enables the user to take backup of selective mails with the help of date filters. Either the required folders can be selected or the user can specify a particular date range to back up the mails lying in the mentioned range.

Backup Of IM Conversations

AOL supports integration of Instant Messaging along with its inbuilt chat messenger. The software allows the user to take backup of all the conversations that took place via Chat or Instant Messaging.

Customize Internet Bandwidth

The software gives the users option to throttle the internet percentage when the AOL mails are backed up. The users can specify the bandwidth percentage that should be consumed for the backup process.

Pause/Resume Backup Facility

In case of disruption of the backup process due to any reason, the software allows the user to pause and resume the complete process. The software saves the backup and then resumes from the last point afterwards when the process is resumed.

Save AOL Credentials

You can set the AOL backup software to remember the account credentials for logging automatically later on. The checkbox provided under the credentials, when enabled, saves the credentials.


Step 1 : Launch the AOL Mail Back UP Software and fill the AOL account details

Step 2 : Click at Backup, Select File Format, Destination path and then Click at Start

Step 3 : Select or uncheck required folders, Apply Email filter and then hit at Start

Step 4 : Software will show you the running progress and summery

Watch Live Video & Convert AOL Mails into PST

Necessary Product FAQ's

Yes, the software not only supports backup of mails but has ability to take backup conversations associated to the AOL's own chat messenger or other connected instant messaging services.
No, the AOL Backup software does not have any limitation on number of emails that can be backed up from a single account. It can backup unlimited number of mails without data loss.
Yes, the software will take backup of all the AOL mails and its attachments if there is any. The software provides backup in multiple file formats like MBOX, PST, MSG and EML files.
Yes, the Tool provides option for filtering the AOL mails using the date range of 'From' and 'To' dates. User can specify the desired date range to backup only those mails that are between date ranges and on specified dates.

What Our Clients say

"The pause and resume option in the AOL Backup software enabled me to resume the backup process which was halted due to internet connectivity issues from my end. All in all, it's a great tool."

— Thelma Hines, Seattle

"My AOL account dates back to my school days. Therefore, the number of emails in my account was very large. Therefore, I decided to take a backup of my AOL mails and the AOL Backup software enabled me to take the complete backup without any hassles."

— Aaron Rios, USA