Backup Maildir

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Size: 36.8 MB Version: 3.0

Maildir backup

Maildir Backup

Software to Download Maildir in PST, MSG, MBOX, HTML, EML & PDF

  • Supports Maildir++/ Maildir files of Various Email Clients like Thunderbird
  • Save Single/ Multiple Emails from Maildir as PST, PDF, MBOX, MSG, HTML & EML
  • Easily explore Maildir Files within the Software
  • Download Maildir Files from Sub-Directories such as cur, tmp and new
  • Selectively Archive Maildir Emails using date-wise Filtration
  • Enables to Backup Maildir Files along with Attachments
  • Renders to backup unlimited Sized Maildir Files

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Download free demo/trial version to save 25 Maildir Email items to PST, EML, MBOX MSG, HTML & HTML with all message properties without any loss of data.


Best tool to Backup Maildir data into PST, MBOX, HTML, EML, MSG & PDF File Formats


download maildir emails
Customized Maildir++/ Maildir Files Search

This Maildir Backup Tool allows users to explore the Maildir file from the left Pane of the software. This impressive feature helps in finding the required Maildir Emails to Backup Maildir as PST, EML, MBOX, PDF, MSG & HTML file formats. And if any user wants to automatically detect & load the Maildir Emails, he can simply include the drive or folder from the left pane of the tool.

maildir as thunderbird
Backup Single Maildir Email or Many Maildir Emails

This Maildir Backup Software is made in such a way that it offers users to Backup particular Email from Maildir File of Dovecot, Postfix, Mutt, Mailman, Kmail and many other Email Clients which runs on Linux. According to the user's requirement, the Multiple Emails from the Maildir files can also be saved in MBOX, PST, PDF, HTML, EML & MSG.

linux maildir backup
Save Maildir Emails with all the Attachments

After previewing all the Maildir Emails in the preview pane of the Archive Maildir Tool, the user can download the Emails from Maildir File together with associating Attachments. This software also generates Maildir Emails preview in special technical modes such as Hex, MIME, Properties, RTF etc.

backup maildir dovecot
Archive Maildir as Thunderbird MBOX

Using this Save Maildir Tool, Maildir Emails can be downloaded in MBOX File Format. By doing this, Backup Maildir in Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, Eudora, Netscape file Format (and other MBOX supporting Email Clients). The user can also filter the Emails from Maildir File with respect to specific Date Range as the tool has the Date Filter Option to selectively save Maildir.

backup postfix maildir
Archive Maildir as EML file

This Tool enables users to create Backup Maildir Files of Mutt, Dovecot, Mailman, Postfix, Kmail etc as EML File format in mass. The software offers following features while saving Maildir Files into EML File:

  • Filter with Date Range: Selectively download Maildir Backup with respect to Date Range.
  • Predefined Naming: Set the name of the Files in different formats to make it easily accessible.

backup email from thunderbird
Maildir Backup to HTML or MSG

This tool can Backup Maildir as HTML or MSG file Format. It also enables user the following options to Archive Maildir as MSG or HTML:

  • Different Name identifier: Using different Naming Convention like Date(YYYY-MM-DD)+Subject, Subject, Date(MM-DD-YYYY) +Subject+From etc., a user can sort Emails for their convenience.
  • Date-wise Filtration: Download Maildir files as HTML or MSG of selected time duration.

backup all emails from thunderbird
Maildir Backup as Portable Document(PDF)

This tool is capable of saving Maildir file in Portable documents along with attached files. As per the choice of the user, Maildir Emails can be saved in single PDF File or all the Emails in one PDF file. At the time of downloading Maildir as PDF, users can manipulate the Archive Maildir files according to the following options:

  • General Settings: Prioritize Maildir Emails according to different properties and date-wise filtration.
  • Page Layout: Personalize Resultant Page Margin, Orientation and Size.
  • Bates Number: Label the selective page(s) with date and number.

dovecot archive maildir
Download Maildir in Outlook PST File Format

Another impressive feature provided by Maildir Backup Tool is that it is capable to save Maildir as PST File Format. That means the user can Archive Maildir Files of Kmail, Dovecot, Mailman, Postfix, Mutt and many more in Outlook File Format and copy in it. At the time of downloading Maildir as PST, the tool offers two Advance Settings options:

  • Trim PST File: You can Break PST File which is to be finally created.
  • Filter with Date Range:Save Maildir into Outlook PST file of specific Date Range.

Screenshots of Maildir Backup Tool

archive maildir

Step 1 : Run Backup Maildir Software

download maildir emails

Step 2 : Select Maildir++ / Maildir Files or folder

Maildir backup

Step 3 : Maildir as MBOX, PST, PDF, HTML & MSG

save maildir emails

Step 4 : Successfully archived Maildir Files

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Necessary Product FAQ

You can download Maildir as Thunderbird (MBOX) File Format just by following below instructions.
  1. Download and Start Maildir Backup Tool.
  2. Select required Maildir file from the left search pane.
  3. Click on Export button which at top most left corner.
  4. Select MBOX format option.
  5. Browse the destination folder where you want to save resultant MBOX file.
  6. Click on Export to start the process.
Yes, you can, as there is no limitation regarding the size of Maildir Files.
Yes, Backup Maildir Tool is capable of archiving Maildir files selectively as date-wise Filtration option is offered by this tool.
Yes, this Backup Maildir utility allows users to save emails with attachment in many formats. So you can surely download emails with attachments in PDF format.
No, there is no Server Connectivity required to run this Utility. You can download Maildir Emails in MBOX, HTML, PDF, PST, EML and MSG file format without any dependency error.