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How to Secure Yahoo Mail Emails? As per the research, for the past few years, the Yahoo account is suffering from various breachers as well as security hacks. Yahoo Mail gives you some extra security to keep the account safe completely and protect from the reach of the hackers. In this article, we will discuss some of its extra security features and their role so that you can understand better and choose Yahoo Mail Account for your personal or professional usages.

In this guide, we talk about the various procedures to protect Yahoo mail. You will know about the manual method and automated method to secure Mail. You will know the benefits and drawbacks of both the procedure. This tool having some great features which are mentioned and explained below.

Why Protect Yahoo Mail?

If you are in trouble about the security of Yahoo Mail. Well! it Is a valid concern. Every person needs that personal and important emails have to be secured. Undoubtedly, Yahoo is the most popular and safe platform which providing multiple features for security. But some people sometimes worry about their data and need some extra security so that their data would be secured from hackers. In the past few years, Yahoo faced lots of security hacks and data intrusion.

How to Secure Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo is one of the most popular and free to use email services providers out of the globe. There is a lot of active users in protecting Yahoo Mail. If you also have a Yahoo account using for personally and professionally purpose and received a constant flow of messages, you can secure you Yahoo Mail

Straight to protect Yahoo Mail, Mailbakup Yahoo Mail backup Tool. This tool permits the users to protect Yahoo Mail. Users can backup Yahoo Mail messages into different file formats like PST, MSG, EML, etc. This backup tool provides the facility to backup Yahoo Mail to PC from a single or multiple Yahoo accounts.

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Features of Yahoo Mail software

  • Backup Yahoo Mail messages to PST/ MSG/ EML ETC and other file formats.
  • Features of apply Mail filter by date range to backup selective emails.
  • Delete after Download to remove emails from Yahoo after download.
  • Support multiple languages like Chinese, Russian, Netherlands, etc.
  • This software also provides you to transfer email folders from Yahoo to Outlook.
  • Incremental Backup facility available to save emails from Yahoo to computer.
  • Microsoft Outlook installation is not necessary to backup emails to PST file.
  • Ability to sign in various Yahoo domains such as

Best Way to Secure Yahoo Mail Emails

Firstly, Get the Yahoo backup tool and follow the steps given below:

  • Install, Run, and login into the Yahoo backup tool
  • Select the Email format to backup the Yahoo Mail folder.
  • Browse the destination to backup Yahoo mail to PC.
  • At last, select the Start button to backup Yahoo emails to the computer.

Security Features of Yahoo Mail

  • Reply to Alerts

If Yahoo finds that the email you will receive replies to is other than the one you are sending the message from, it will let you know with just a little notification on the top of the messages.

  • Mail Forwarding Alters

If once you log into your account once Mail forwarding has been set up, then you will get a notification that alerts you that auto-forwarding has been set up.

  • Spam Alerts

If Yahoo detected that an email address sending you a message that looks like spam. Then, Yahoo will let you know by showing pop up message.

  • Phishing Alerts

If Yahoo spots that the sending email looks scam or phishing we will allow you to know by calling it out.

Manual Procedure to Secure Yahoo Mail

Download the Yahoo installation file from the official website and generate a strong password

  • Double click on the Yahoo Mail Download to run the installer and when installed then,
  • By using credentials get into your Yahoo Mail account.
  • Then, click on your Yahoo mail account by entering its account credentials
  • Select Account info to your setting
  • Now, click on the Account security tab that appears on the left sidebar
  • Choose the change password link and then type your new password two times
  • Then, go with the on-screen instructions and now you are all set.

Then, Enable the Two Factor Authentication

  • Navigate to the Account info page
  • Slide the two-step verification
  • Then, Yahoo will ask for your mobile number
  • Enter it and then decide if you want to get a text message or call with your code
  • When you received the code, enter it and click on verify

Disadvantages of Manual Procedure

  • If you don’t have sufficient time to secure Yahoo Mail. Then, the manual procedure is not your cup of tea, the manual method is a time-consuming and a long method to protect Yahoo Mail.
  • The manual method of protecting Yahoo Mail is quite complex and if you’re not a technical user, it could be difficult for you to perform.

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In this post, we have discussed how to secure Yahoo Mail with the help of a manual method or automated method. But the manual method has some major disadvantages or drawbacks like first you have to generate your password and then verify your account. So, the manual method is a lengthy process that consumes too much time of the user and while using them, the user can delete important data without having knowing.

So, we recommend you go with the automated method. This method was fast and helps you to overcome all advantages of the manual method.

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