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Summary: In this blog, we are going to discuss the most asked query on how to save emails from yahoo to computer in both Manual and Expert Method i.e. Mailbakup Yahoo Backup wizard. The expert method’s main purpose is to provide safe download or backup emails of Yahoo Mail folders including inbox, sent items, draft, starred, and other labeled folders. There are plenty of advanced features and multiple formats for backup keeping are offered by this solution.

These days, numerous clients access Yahoo! services, for example, Yahoo search engine, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Mail, and so on. Throughout the long term, Yahoo has confronted plenty of security hacks and data interruptions.

Presently, Yahoo Mail has redesigned its security terms. Presently, underpins setting a strong password, account recovery data, two-factor authentication, and application password generator alternatives.

But, in some cases, users stress over their data and need some additional security with the goal to secure Yahoo Mail data from hackers. In this manner, a vast majority favors saving emails from Yahoo to Computer, hard drive, USB streak drive, pen drive, and so forth.

So here, you will get to know the best method to save your Yahoo account data locally and keep your data safe. But before we start off just look at the below user query.

What is the User Query?

“My name is Shawn. I use Yahoo Mail for my business and professional use. Most of my business data is in the form of emails and attachments on Yahoo Mail. For security purposes, I prefer to save my emails to my computer and flash drive which I can carry anywhere. Can anyone give me a reliable solution to accomplish this task? And I am not a tech guy so please suggest an easy method that will work for me.”

As you can see in the above query that most of the users prefer an easy solution that isn’t difficult to perform. On that behalf, we have taken into consideration the best methods to save emails from Yahoo to computer. In the below sections, you can also find the major needs to keep a safe copy of your Yahoo mail data.

Best Methods To Save Emails From Yahoo Mail To Computer

There are many facilities through which you can download Yahoo mailbox and keep it safe. We have taken the two most successful techniques to guide you.

  • Efficient Yahoo Email Backup Process
  • Manual Method for Save Yahoo Mailbox

We are starting off with an efficient solution as it will accomplish the task for all Yahoo users. Whereas, the manual approach may fail the novice users.

Efficient Method To Save Yahoo Mail Emails Locally

Mailbakup Yahoo Backup Tool is an ideal and easy solution to save Yahoo emails to computers. This tool can download emails from Yahoo to computer effortlessly. Also, this tool has a straightforward approach that export emails from Yahoo to computer in various file formats such as PST, EML, MBOX, and many others.

It supports many additional features such as a date filter option to save email files of a particular date duration. Also, you can forward Yahoo Mail to Outlook easily. This efficient solution creates a complete backup of the whole mailbox along with attachments with accuracy and integrity. Let’s see the steps to download emails from Yahoo to Computer.

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Steps To Save Emails From Yahoo To Computer

  • Download and Run Backup wizard on your Computer.


  • Login with Yahoo mail credentials.


  • Select the email file format.


  • Browse location on the computer to save Yahoo emails.

Browse Location

  • Click on the Start to download Yahoo mailbox data.

start backup

Once the progress is complete, you would see the automatically generated Export Report. Now you can open the files from the location where you exported Yahoo emails. Now let us move to the manual approach of downloading Yahoo mail emails.

Manual Method: How To Download Email From Yahoo To Computer

Every email client has its email account setup procedure. Few of them provide a direct option to add the Yahoo Mail account for configuration settings.

Here we have mentioned the Yahoo mail setup configuration to Mozilla Thunderbird, and MS Outlook. These are the most used Windows email clients. Configuring Yahoo mail in these mail clients, you can easily save emails from Yahoo to computer.

Add Yahoo Mail Account On Thunderbird

For the configuration setup of the Yahoo account using POP. You need to follow these steps

  1. Go to the Tools menu, and click on the Account settings.
  2. In the Account Settings panel, select the Server Settings.
  3. Enter the in the server name.
  4. In the Port space, enter number 995.
  5. In the security settings, et the connection security to SSL/TLS.
  6. Configure Yahoo Mail Account In Outlook
  7. Go to Account >> Add Account, and then select Yahoo Mail option.
  8. Enter Server Configuration details of the Yahoo Mail account.
  9. Now, enter all the Server details with POP and IMAP settings such as Port No., Security SSL, TLC, etc.

Finally, the Yahoo Mail account will effectively be configured in MS Outlook. And the process to save emails from yahoo to Computer successfully done.

Limitations In This Method

  • It is functional for tech geeks who know the nuances of technology.
  • Any beginner or non-tech user would damage or delete the data while export emails from Yahoo to the computer.
  • This method is tricky and can be risky if the configuration setting failed to establish synchronization.
  • This method can cause the corruption of Yahoo mails and databases if the connection does not establish between the applications.
  • The possibility is much higher than one trial is not enough to understand the complete procedure and functioning if you are not an expert in technicalities. You might end up repeating the whole process which can corrupt your emails or change the metadata of emails.

As there are many limitations of using manual methods to save emails from Yahoo to computer.

So, in order to overcome these limitations and to save emails from Yahoo Mail without any issue and data loss, we recommend using a third-party tool such as this backup Tool.

Now, as you got the best solutions on board, we have given the requirement for such a copy on your computer.

Go through the reasons and find if you also need to get your emails in Yahoo account to safety.

Need To Save Emails From Yahoo Mail To Computer

  • Yahoo Security failure, intrusion, data thefts are the main concern for saving files from the Yahoo Mail server.
  • Viruses and Malware attacks while using the internet and damaging emails or capturing of your account would be the first thing to do by them.
  • Get access to your Yahoo Mail emails any time anywhere without having thought of the availability of the internet.
  • Increase feasibility and bring peace of mind. Because your data is saved on your device. You can also make additional copies and save them to any other place for additional security
  • These are some of the reasons which you may think of taking a backup of your important data offline. One more reason that makes a Yahoo user save data offline is the usual Yahoo mail Outage scenario.

These calls off the Yahoo mail server and no data can be accessed till the issue is not resolved. So all the users who need to save their important data in Yahoo mail are suggested to download their data and feel free from all online risks.


This article is a guide to make you understand the importance of Yahoo emails. Creating a backup of Yahoo Mail is the best option to save data from hacking, breaching, internet failure, and server down.

So, we have discussed all the finest methods to save emails from Yahoo to computer. Though there are several solutions to download Yahoo mailbox locally, we have given two most used methods.

The tech geeks can work out the configuration setup easily but the novice users may fail. Thus, we have counted the useful methods for all users to save Yahoo emails to desktop easily and successfully. Users can choose any of the discussed methods according to their expertise to save Yahoo email as attachment.

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