Know How to Transfer Hotmail Emails to Outlook Easily?

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Are you looking forward to transfer Hotmail emails to Outlook because you want to access all your emails offline in Desktop Outlook? Then, this blog is definitely for you.

As in this blog, we will get to know how to transfer emails from Hotmail to Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook is a desktop-oriented email client application that is used by numerous users to send and receive emails. The best feature of this application is that you can use your all IMAP accounts in this application in offline mode.

Moreover, there are numerous great features in the desktop Outlook version. That’s why most of the users prefer to use their IMAP account in MS Outlook. There are also numerous applications like MS Outlook such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.

But as Outlook is a much better and trusted application so most of the users rely on this application as compared to others.

Now, the point is that if you also want to use your Hotmail account in Outlook desktop application, then read the blog till the end.

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Instant Solution – Get the tool from below button and instantly take all emails from Hotmail in Outlook Data File i.e., in PST file format and import file to Outlook.

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4 Easy Steps to Use This Tool

  1. Step-1: Launch the tool on your computer after download.
  2. Step-2: Login your Hotmail account in the tool.
  3. Step-3: Select PST format and browse location.
  4. Step-4: Click Start to transfer Hotmail emails to Outlook.

Methods to Transfer Hotmail Emails to Outlook

Hotmail also known as or, it is a web-based email client service owned by Microsoft. There are numerous users who use Hotmail on daily basis to send and receive emails.

Although, there are two methods to get your Hotmail account in MS Outlook:

  1. Transfer all Hotmail emails to Outlook Manually
  2. Direct and Automated Solution to transfer Hotmail emails.

These are the only two methods using which you can easily transfer Hotmail account to MS Outlook. But which method is best to use? Let’s see in the upcoming sections.

Transfer all Hotmail Emails to Outlook Manually

To transfer Hotmail mailbox folders to Outlook, follow the below stated steps:

  1. Download MS Outlook on your computer and launch it.
  2. Now, navigate to File >> Add Account.
  3. Here, enter the email id of your Hotmail account and click on Connect button.
  4. Afterward, enter the password of your account to log in.
  5. Finally, finish the process and you can now use your Hotmail account to Outlook.

But, do you think this is a proficient method to transfer Hotmail emails to Outlook?

No, as this method has some limitations. Many users reported data loss issues while performing this method. Also, the method is very technical we would not suggest this method for non-technical users. Additionally, if you miss any step then you can face error and you have to restart the process from starting.

So, this method is not recommended by us to use if you are not supposed to be familiar with technical things.

Now, what to do?

No need to get worked up, we told you above there are two methods so let’s get to the second method and see how reliable it is.

Direct and Automated Solution to Transfer Hotmail Emails to Outlook

This method is very easy to use and you can easily transfer emails to Outlook using this method. In this method, we will tell you about an automated third-party tool which is a proficient tool and tested by experts to transfer emails.

Mailbakup Hotmail Backup Tool is the tool we are talking about. The best tool to transfer emails in couple of minutes. There is no need to get additional technical knowledge to run this tool and to transfer emails using this tool.

This tool has multiple different features also, we can say that this tool is the best approach and can solve your problem of transferring emails from Hotmail account to MS Outlook desktop application. Also, there is no data loss issue in this method.

So, get the tool from the below button to save Hotmail emails and transfer all emails from Hotmail to Outlook.

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Working Steps of This Great Tool to Transfer Emails from Hotmail to Outlook






As you have transferred all your emails from your Hotmail account to Outlook PST file. Now, easily import the PST file to Outlook desktop application using Outlook Import/Export wizard.


Today in this blog, we have discussed how to transfer Hotmail emails to Outlook? We have discussed two genuine methods using which you can transfer emails. But the manual method is not the ideal solution as it has some limitations. Therefore, mostly we recommend opting for the automated solution using the third-party tool. Also, this tool is used to print multiple emails from Hotmail.


Ques: Can I use this tool on the Mac version?

Ans: Yes, this tool is available for both Windows and macOS users. You can also transfer emails in macOS.

Ques: Can I use this tool to transfer emails from Hotmail to Thunderbird?

Ans: Yes, as this tool gives the option to get emails in multiple file formats. So, you can get emails in MBOX file format and can import the MBOX file to Thunderbird.

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