Learn How to Print Multiple Emails from Hotmail Easily

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In this blog, we are discussing the various procedure to print Multiple emails from Hotmail. We will tell you about the manual procedure and the automated procedure to print emails. You will know about the advantages and disadvantages of both the procedure. This tool has some great features which are explained below.

Hotmail was launched in 1996 by Jacksmith, with backing from venture capitalist firm draper fisher Juveston. It was initially retail as Hotmail to bring out a connection to HTML, Mark-up language which serves as the foundation for all web pages. Hotmail quickly gained more than 8.5 million active users and was sold to Microsoft within a year and a half.

Whenever you are checking your Hotmail emails, you can use your browser’s print command to print the current page: there is a better way to print all emails from Hotmail while Printing an email with the help of a web browser, the print command will print the entire page, not just selected email; on the other hand, Hotmail’s print command will only print the current email, and reformat it as needed for better print output.

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How to Print Multiple Emails from Hotmail

There are two ways to print your email from Hotmail. First, you can sign in to your Hotmail, go to your browser’s menu and print your email. Usually, it is not a suitable option to print your email. In fact, this will not only print your opened email but also all the other items in the browser’s window. Most probably, you will waste a lot of pages and printer ink, and get a cluttered printed page. Unless you intend to print the whole page-not the contents of your messages- you should use the second method.

The second method of print emails from Hotmail, or Outlook.com as it called nowadays, print menu.

Straight to print Hotmail emails, Mailbakup Hotmail Backup Tool. This tool is one of the best backup software to print multiple emails from Hotmail. This tool provides you to transfer mail in different file formats like PST, MSG, MBOX, etc. This Hotmail backup tool comes with a feature of play and resumes the live process. In case the Hotmail backup wizards shut down during the backup Hotmail process, you can run it back at the same time.

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Why Print Emails from Hotmail

Hotmail offers a good level of security. It offers junk mail filtering and blocks external content such as downloaded images, web bugs, and data spammy websites. Hotmail is one of the first public webmail services that can be accessed from any web browser. Preceding Hotmail and its other candidates, four11 RocketMail, the email could only be accessed from a device with a specific software downloaded to it or required an internet service provider (ISP) service agreement.

Features of Hotmail Backup Software

The Best Way to Print Multiple Emails from Hotmail

Firstly, get the Hotmail backup tool and follow these steps.





Manual Procedure to Print Hotmail Emails

Drawbacks of Manual Procedure

Final words

In this post, we have discussed how to print multiple emails from Hotmail by using the manual method and automated method. But the manual method has some major disadvantages or drawbacks like they have a lengthy process that consumes too much time of the user and while using them, the user can delete important data without having knowing.

So, we recommend you go with the automated method. This software helps you to overcome all advantages of the manual method.

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