How to Delete all Messages on Hotmail Inbox at Once?

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There are numerous users all over the globe who are using Hotmail, Hotmail (now known as is one of the most popular email client’s application. With time, we all know that the Hotmail inbox will undoubtedly get jumbled by so much. This makes it a lot harder to explore through your mail and locate the main data. Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss how to delete all messages on Hotmail inbox at once.

Fortunately, there are a few different ways of deleting the messages from Hotmail inbox, and even to erase all emails. We should go over the best option to delete at once.

Instant Solution – Delete all emails instantly from the tool. Download the tool from below button and remove all emails from Hotmail account in couple of seconds.

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Steps to Use the Tool to Delete Email Messages from Hotmail

Step-1:Get the tool and launch it on your computer.
Step-2:Login to your account by addingcredentials.
Step-3: Select FileFormat and select DeleteAfterDownload option.
Step-4: Click Start to delete all messages on Hotmail inbox.

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Deleting All Mail Messages from Hotmail Inbox Folder

If you have got a lot of email messages, and you want to delete all the messages in bulk. It means you want to clear the inbox folder of Hotmail at once. Then, follow the below-mentioned methods to delete all messages on Hotmail inbox at once.

How to Delete Multiple Emails from Hotmail Inbox?

In order to delete emails in bulk, follow the below stated steps:

  1. Open and login into your account.
  2. Go to the folder from where you want to delete the emails.
  3. Select all emails by clicking on the checkbox above the message list.
  4. Now, click on the Delete option above the message list.
  5. Finally, all your messages will be move from your inbox folder to the Deleted Items folder.

But if you have to delete some important emails and you want to recover deleted emails from Outlook or Hotmail, you can restore them from the Deleted Items Folder. But, if you have removed all the emails from the Deleted Items folder, you cannot recover emails from Hotmail.

Deleting email messages from the inbox folder without taking copy is not a good solution. So, we would recommend taking a copy of all emails before deleting all the emails. Moreover, using this method it is very hard to take a copy of all emails before deleting them. Also, deleting all the emails at once is not possible using this method. You have to delete folder by folder to delete all emails. Therefore, to delete all messages on Hotmail inbox at once, we would recommend using the third-party tool.

Automated Solution to Delete all Messages at Once from Hotmail Inbox Account

Mailbakup Hotmail Backup Tool is the best tool to delete all email messages in a few clicks. Moreover, using this tool you can copy all the emails to the local drive and delete emails from the server at once. Also, this tool provides additional features. So, to know the working and features of this tool and to know how to delete messages from Hotmail inbox, read the below section.

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Step by Step Process to Delete Email Messages Using Tool

Download and Run the Tool.


Sign in to Hotmail account by filling the account details.


Now, select the file format in which you want to take a copy before deletion.


After this, select Delete After Download option to delete all emails from Hotmail at once.


Click on the Browse button to get the emails at the desired location.


Click on the Start button to begin the process of deletion and exporting.


Finally, all your emails will be deleted from the server and saved to the local drive. As we have seen that using this tool one can easily delete all messages on Hotmail inbox at once and also can backup copy locally to the computer.


As we know, there’s a variety of things users do to manage and organize email folders and in case the storage becomes full users want to delete the emails to get storage space. But, deleting messages without taking copy is not the correct way.

So, in this blog, we have discussed how to delete all messages on Hotmail inbox at once after taking copy. We have mentioned the manual as well as an automated solution to delete emails. But, by using the manual method, you can delete emails from the folder at once and by using the automated solution, you can easily delete all emails from Hotmail account and can copy emails locally. So, we recommend using the automated solution to delete email messages from Hotmail inbox folder.

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