zoho email backup

Zoho Email Backup

Quickly and Reliably Download Zoho Account Email Folders to Local Hard Drive

Best tool to backup emails from Personal and Zoho Business Mail Account to the Computer. The software has various advanced qualities and some of them are listed below:

  • Export emails from Zoho to PST, MBOX, EML and MSG file formats
  • Download Zoho emails along with all inserted attachments
  • User-Friendly Interface and Graphical Instructions that help novices
  • Facility to perform selective Zoho Mail Migration to save time
  • Create Backup of Single User Account and Zoho Small Business Account
  • Option available to Pause and Resume Zoho Exports Emails Process
  • Provides Delete After Download option to clean up server memory
  • Incremental backup available to download only new Zoho mailbox items
  • Maintain Folder Hierarchy of Zoho Email Folders during Zoho Backup
  • Keep Original Email Status of and Metadata properties of emails
  • Migrate emails from Zoho to Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.
  • Standalone utility and compatible with all latest versions of Windows OS

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Gainful Features of Zoho Email Backup Tool

Export Zoho emails to Outlook PST, Thunderbird MBOX, & other file formats in simple 4 steps

Advanced Features Provided by Zoho Mail Migration Tool

Backup Zoho Mail
Backup Zoho Mailbox Items

Zoho email backup software is easy to use and permits users to download Zoho emails to the computer. You can export Zoho mailbox folders such as Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Spam, Templates, and Trash to hard drive. The software enables users to archive all data information available in the Zoho Mail account with full accuracy rate.

Export Zoho Emails
Export Emails from Zoho to Multiple Formats

Zoho Export Emails application comes with the several file formats to save Zoho mailbox items. It allows you to export zoho mail to PST, MBOX, MSG, and EML file formats. Once you have exported Zoho emails to these file formats, it is easy to perform Zoho to Gmail migration, Zoho to G Suite migration, Zoho to Office 365 migration, Zoho to Outlook migration, etc.

zoho business mail backup
Single or Zoho Business Account Backup

This is an advanced Zoho email backup tool that can export data from a single Zoho email account and a Zoho small business account. All you need to do is provide valid account credentials. The software provides you with the exact results within a few minutes. In addition, the tool never saved your Zoho account credentials during the Zoho mail migration process.

incremental backup of zoho emails
Incremental Backup of Emails

The software also offers an important and useful incremental backup feature. This helps the user to simply skip the previously downloaded data and only save the new data on the local drive. In simple terms, once you've downloaded Zoho emails to your system, next time, you only take a backup of new emails arrived in your Zoho account.

zoho mail migration
Zoho Mail Migration of Selected Folders

To save users time, we developed this Zoho email backup tool, which can only export selected Zoho email folders such as inbox, sent, drafts, etc. Once you launch the tool and enter the Zoho account credentials, the software loads all email folders from which you can select the folder you want to export. This option is very helpful if you need to export only specific folder.

Pause and Resume Zoho Email Backup
Pause and Resume Backup

Sometimes the user cannot continue the zoho export email process due to a network problem or urgent work. Next time, the user has to start the backup zoho email process by starting, which takes a very long time. To fix this problem, the software comes with the Pause and Resume option. With this feature, you can simply pause the process and next time continue the process from where it left before.

delete data after download zoho emails
Delete Data After Downloading

This is the most important and effective feature of this Zoho email backup software which saves space on the Zoho mail server. Users can easily delete their Zoho mail account data from the server after downloading it to the local machine. In addition, you don't need to install any external application to start and export data from Zoho account.

maintain folder structure
Maintains Folder Structure of Mailboxes

The Zoho Mail Migration Tool offers its users a 100% reliable and accurate solution with no problems with data alteration. The hierarchy folder of the Zoho mailboxes remains original even after the data has been downloaded. You don't have to worry about your original formatting, the software maintains data integrity during the backup zoho email process.

keep meta properties
Keep Email Properties & Status

During the Zoho export emails process, the software preserves the original metadata properties of emails such as To, From, Cc, Bcc, Date, Hyperlink, Attachments, etc. Moreover, the Zoho email backup tool maintains email status while downloading Zoho mailbox data. The unread emails remain in the unread status and the read emails remain in the read status after the backup has been created.

support multi languages for zoho email backup ​
Support Multiple Languages ​

Backup Zoho Mail is an advanced application that offers installation in multiple languages. You can run this tool in the required languages ​​such as German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, English and Spanish. The user-friendly interface and graphical instructions of the tool helps all types of users to easily export emails from Zoho account without any technical knowledge.

backup zoho emails with attachments
Backup Zoho Emails with Attachments

Most important information in emails is sent through attachment files. For this reason, this Zoho Mail migration tool has been specially designed to retain all types of email attachments such as PDF, ZIP, DOC, PNG, XLS, PPT, etc. The software keeps the attachment files intact during the Zoho email backup.

windows supported zoho export emails
Windows Supported

The software is fully secured and compatible with all the latest and previous versions of Windows Operating System. User can easily export emails from Zoho account to Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and other versions. The software also generates an export report with the information of the downloaded emails with their storage path.

Screenshots of Zoho Email Backup Software

start zoho email backup tool

Step 1 : Launch Tool & fill Zoho account credentials.

zoho export emails

Step 2 : Select File Format to Export Emails from Zoho.

selected zoho mail migration

Step 3 : Choose Folders for Zoho Mail Migration.

start backup zoho email process

Step 4 : Start Zoho Account Data Backup Process.

Watch Live Video of Zoho Export Emails Tool

Necessary Product FAQ's

Steps to Download Zoho Emails to Hard Drive are as follows;

Step 1: Run Zoho Mail Backup Tool on your system.

Step 2: Enter credentials of Zoho Account and Login.

Step 3: Select format to export emails from Zoho.

Step 4: Browse and select path to save downloaded zoho emails.

Step 5: Click the Start Button to begin Zoho mail migration process.

Yes, the software provides options to export zoho emails to PST file format that you can easily access zoho email into Outlook 2019 and other versions.
Yes, Zoho export emails tool supports all versions of Windows OS including latest Windows 10.
Yes, the application offers the facility to select the Mail folders and easily perform the Selected Zoho Mail migration.
Yes, you can easily perform the Zoho to Office 365 Migration by selecting the PST format as saving option. After data exported in PST file, you can easily import it into Office 365 account.

What Our Clients says

review zoho email backup

A few days earlier, I was looking for a way to migrate email from Zoho to Outlook. I looked for the solution and got this reliable software. It successfully backed up my Zoho emails to PST in seconds. After that I imported the PST file into the Outlook application. Thanks for this great tool.

— Blackwell Robert, London

review zoho mail migration

This is one of the best Zoho Email Backup tool. It has helped me to download Zoho mailbox data to the local hard drive and offers several options for storing data. The user interface and speed of the tool was excellent. Helpful utility.

— Lucas Michael, Los Angeles