How to Save Gmail Emails with Attachments to Hard Drive?

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Summary: These days, everybody is open to using Gmail for email correspondence since it gives a ton of extra storage space and numerous different services. Yet, there are a few people who need to save Gmail emails with attachments to hard drive. It tends to be for a backup reason or because of the full storage on their Gmail account. Consequently, in this blog, you can see the different strategies on how to save Gmail emails with attachments to external hard drives. Moreover, taking a backup or saving multiple emails is a decent move since you don’t have the foggiest idea about what’s to come. You may lose your Gmail emails because of password conflict or Gmail Account hacking.

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Reasons to Save Gmail Emails with Attachments to Hard Drive

As a free email service created by Google, Gmail enables you to export entire Gmail account on the Web. Notwithstanding, regardless of whether you need to save Gmail emails on the Web or access them in offline mode, it is needed to save emails from Gmail to hard drive.

Likewise, it is needed to have a copy of your Gmail emails when its extra storage gets oversized than average because of the restricted 15 GB free space. Once Gmail gets curiously oversized, it is conceivable that the services can’t run as ordinary and the possibility of data loss will increase.

In this way, it is enthusiastically suggested that you have a copy of your data in the secondary storage. Therefore, how to save multiple emails with attachments to the hard drive? Continue reading until the end, you will get all the techniques to do that.

Use Google Takeout to Save Emails and Attachments

Here are the steps by which you can save Gmail emails with attachments by using Google Takeout. For that:

  1. Log in to your Gmail account. Then, go to Manage your data and personalization.
  2. Look down the menu and click on the Download your data.
  3. Select Deselect all and choose Mail.
  4. Click on the All Mail data included. Then, deselect Include all messages in the mail.
  5. Next, click on the Send download link via email starting from the drop menu. From that point onward, you can pick a file format for the download. Then, you can likewise pick other conveyance techniques as per your requirements.
  6. Finally, click on the Create Archive. After that, you will get a message advising you that the archive is being made.

Save Emails from Gmail via Outlook Desktop Application

If you have an Outlook account, you can attempt this strategy to save multiple emails. Here is the way to save Gmail emails with attachments to hard drive with Outlook. For that:

  1. Sign in to your account. Go to Setting gear symbol and select View all Outlook Settings starting from the drop menu.
  2. Next, go to Gmail > Sync Email.
  3. Now, type the name you need to use. After that, pick the Connect your Google account to save Gmail emails with attachments and make another folder for the saved emails. Furthermore, click OK.
  4. From that point forward, pick the Gmail account that you need to save.
  5. Enter the password and click on the Next option. Then, simply click Allow and leave the Setting window.

In the wake of completing all the above steps, your Gmail emails will be changed over into the PST file format with the goal that you can save them effectively to hard drive without any problem.

Limitations of the Manual Method to Save Emails

Go through the manual method restrictions while a user tries to save multiple emails with attachments to hard drive as mentioned below:

  • Sometimes, Google Takeout creates issues during its save Gmail email process and is stuck in the middle of the process.
  • Users are facing data loss after saving all the files.
  • So much time-consuming during saving the Gmail folders that are nearly 2GB.
  • Difficult for non-technical users to save emails from Gmail.

Save Gmail Emails with Attachments to Hard Drive using Tool

Gmail Backup Tool is the best tool that can easily save Gmail emails with attachments to drive. The issues mentioned in the manual method get eliminated and make a user-friendly approach to save multiple emails. This tool saves all the Gmail mailbox data such as emails, calendars, contacts, etc. from one or more than one Gmail account.

The tool also provides the option to save emails from Gmail in multiple file formats like PST, MSG, MBOX, EML, PDF. The working of this tool is really simple so no further knowledge is required. You can also download contacts from Gmail using this tool

Steps to Use This Amazing Tool

  • Download and Run the Tool on your computer.
  • Sign in to your Gmail account by entering the Gmail account credentials.
  • Next, choose “Email format”, “Category” and “Apply Filters” as per need.
  • After that, select destination where you want to save Gmail emails.
  • Finally, click on the Start button to begin the process.


In this blog, we have discussed how to save Gmail emails with attachments to hard drive with manual methods and by an automated method. The manual method uses the inbuilt function of Gmail that is by using Google Takeout, and with the help of Outlook. Also, we have talked about the limitations of manual methods. So, in order to avoid the extra burden, we have discussed the third-party tool in the automated solution which helps a user to save multiple emails to hard drive without any loss.

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