Learn the Best Way to Save Emails Before Deleting Outlook Account.

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Are you looking to save emails before deleting Outlook account? If Yes, then in this blog, we will discuss the best and easy method to backup emails from Outlook web app locally and then delete emails from Outlook account in one click.

Btw Outlook is a webmail email client application used to compose and receive emails. The outlook is used by numerous users for personal and business level. But in some cases, users shift to another email client application or change the email account. In such circumstances, users search to save all emails and then delete the account.

So, if you think to save emails from Outlook account one-by-one then it would take so much time to download all emails from the mailbox. And, after that to delete it would take more time. So, we did not recommend using the manual strategy. So, in this write-up, we will tell you the direct and easy option to download and delete all emails from Outlook simultaneously.

But before going to further solution, let us look at why to backup emails before deleting account?

Why Backup Emails Before Deleting Outlook Account?

Outlook emails contain essential business information and if we need a specific mail required, it takes some days to find it. Over time, emails are separated across mailboxes like, deleted, employees leave, devices crash, or you could face a despiteful attack. All of these can backed-up emails are stored in a central location, it mitigates the risk of email loss and saves time, money, and manpower that can be required when your IT team is forced to search for an important email.

How to Save Emails Before Deleting Outlook Account

Outlook backup allows customers to perform various operations with PST files. Some exceptional cases include migrating mailboxes to intermedia as well as backup and restore operations. In order to use Outlook backup, customers must log in to the Host pilot control panel with account owner credentials or a technical administration with access to the Outlook backup module.

Straight to save emails, Mailbakup Hotmail Backup Tool. This tool can download folders from Outlook.com in bulk. This backup tool gives you the adaptability to backup outlook.com mail profile emails of each folder alongside attachments in PST or EML file format. During the backup email process, this backup tool consistently guarantees the original folder structure.

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Feature of Outlook.com Backup Tool

  • This tool saves email folders in PST/MSG/EML etc. file formats.
  • Backup emails using different name File naming conventions.
  • Automatically backup Outlook emails along with attachment files.
  • Users can backup selective emails using Date filter option.
  • Structured modules of UI make backup Outlook emails process easy.
  • This software gives the Split PST option to divide PST into two parts.
  • Advanced option to change Hotmail to Outlook Email Address.
  • This tool can backup mail folders in a bulk from an Outlook account.

How to Save Emails Before Deleting Outlook Account

First, get the Outlook.com backup tool and follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Log in with the credentials of the Outlook account.


  • Select backup file format and mailbox items to save from Outlook.

select file format

  • Select Delete After Download option to delete emails after saving.

delete after download

  • Browse a storage location to save the Outlook email mailbox.

start backup

Manual Procedure to Backup Emails Before Deleting Account

First get into Hostpilot >> services >> Outlook backup >> create backup.

  • Select backup type:
  • Monthly
  • weekly
  • One-time
  • Select folders for the backup
  • Full backup
  • Calendar/ inbox/ sent items/ Tasks/Notes/Deleted items

Data range: it’s an accurate time period for the Outlook backup
Connect mailboxes to backup: select mailboxes that will be backed up

Drawbacks of Manual Procedure

If you don’t have sufficient time to save emails before deleting Outlook account. Then, the manual method is not suitable for you, it consumes a lot of time.

The manual method to backup emails from outlook is quite complex and if you’re not a technical user, it could be difficult to perform.


In this post, we have discussed how to save emails before deleting Outlook account by using the manual method and automated method, which have some advantages and disadvantages. The Manual method procedure has some major advantages or drawbacks. It is a lengthy process that consumes too much time for the user to save emails from OWA account, the user can delete important data without having knowing.

So, we recommend you go with the automated method. This software helps you to overcome all advantages of the manual method.

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