How to Delete Duplicate Email in Gmail? Simply Explained

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In this article, you will know about the best method to remove duplicate emails in Gmail. Gmail Email backup tool helps you to know how to delete duplicate emails in Gmail and it has multiple great features which are explained below:

“Hello everyone! I want to know how to remove duplicate emails in Gmail. I have tried a lot of methods but none of them have worked. So, please provide a solution.”

The above query has come through a client in our group. Most of the users have this query, if you also have the same query then you are at the right place, this blog helps you to remove duplicate emails in Gmail.

Know-How to Eliminate Duplicate Gmail Emails

Are you having a lot of duplicate emails in your Gmail? Gmail provides you a limited amount of storage for free and charges for extra space that’s why it is recommended to keep cleaning your inbox. Google provides- 7GB of space to free accounts and if you want to have more space, you need to pay$50 per year to take Google Apps premium services.

Straight to remove duplicate emails, Mailbakup Gmail Backup Wizard is one of the best software which helps to know how to save Gmail inbox emails and delete emails from Gmail. This Gmail backup tool can export Gmail boxes, send items, chat history, all folders, and much more.

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Why Delete Duplicate Email in Gmail?

Gmail was a client by Google that offers lots of features to its customers. A few days ago, I’ve discovered that I have some duplicate emails in my Gmail Folder which causes waste usage of stored space and the conversation may also have some duplicate messages.
It was way too hard to find duplicate emails on Gmail and probably not want to delete emails one by one because that cause lot of time, that’s why we have to know how to delete a duplicate email in Gmail.

Features of Gmail Backup Tool

The Best Way to Delete Duplicate Emails in Gmail

Delete Duplicate Email in Gmail Tool
Select File format
Delete After Download
Delete Duplicate Email in Gmail

Manual Techniques to Remove Duplicate Emails to Gmail

How to delete duplicate emails in Gmail manually? There are two manual methods to do delete email, which are mentioned below:

Using Filter

  1. Sign in to Gmail and go create filters
  2. In the In filter section paste the email addresses for which replicates need to be deleted
  3. Click on the filter button in order to remove duplicates from Gmail
  4. Now, emails with the respective ID will transfer to a separate space
  5. At last, select them all and simply delete them.

Using MS Outlook

  1. Initially, sign-in to Gmail>>Gear Icon>> Setting>> Forwarding and POP/IMAP >>IMAP access>>Enable IMAP
  2. Configure the account on the outlook client in order to delete Gmail duplicates. You can do this by going to File>>Account Settings>> Add Account selecting Email Account and clicking the Next button
  3. Here, add credentials and click on the Next button
  4. Download software ODIR (outlook duplicate items remover). It is free to use and install. It is a small application that appears on the top left side of the Outlook menu
  5. The thing to note is that the email application that appears on the left side of the Outlook menu. The email application has to be restarted after installing this tool
  6. Click on Menu >> ODIR dialogue box>> Choose Folder >> Remove Duplicates. This will help the process to delete duplicates from Gmail. This will shift all the duplicates to a new folder
  7. Finally, delete the subfolders to remove duplicated emails and messages.


Final Words

How to delete duplicate emails in Gmail? Somehow, if you get stuck in a situation in which you have to delete emails. So, at that time Gmail backup helps you without any hassles and some other great features are mentioned above. We recommend you to use this software for deleting emails from Gmail.

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