Easy Way to Download Yahoo Mail Emails in a Few Steps

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“Hi, I am Kanye, I am facing problems in Yahoo Mail because of Yahoo Mail outage and sometimes I urgently need to check my emails. So, I want to download Yahoo Mail emails locally so that I am able to access emails in offline mode and secure Yahoo Mail also. Therefore, can you please suggest to me a way download emails from Yahoo mail? Thanks in Advance!!”

Yahoo Mail email is an online email client application used by many users and organizations for composing and receiving emails. But because of issues such as the Yahoo outage and other hacking issues users want to download all emails from Yahoo Mail as a copy of backup. So, if you are also looking for a solution to download Yahoo email messages. Then, in this blog, we will discuss the solution to download Yahoo emails.

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How to Download Yahoo Mail Emails?

There are many ways to download Yahoo mailbox but choosing an effective and smart solution is very difficult. Therefore, Mailbakup Yahoo Backup Tool is the best option to download all Yahoo emails. This tool is used by many users and organizations to download emails from Yahoo to computers. Moreover, the tool interface is very simple and easy so that users can easily download emails from Yahoo mailbox folders using this tool. Also, this tool offered many great features in downloading Yahoo mailbox emails.

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Features Offered by This Amazing Tool

Steps to Download Yahoo Mail Emails with Attachments


User’s Reviews for this Tool

“I need to download my Yahoo emails to Outlook. So, I need to import all Yahoo emails into PST file format. With the help of this software, I converted all my emails into PST file format easily in a few minutes. This tool is very amazing and easy to use. I recommend this tool to every user who wants to convert Yahoo mail emails to Outlook PST file.”

“This tool is very amazing; my company gave me tasks to download emails from multiple accounts but this tool made my task very easy and this tool downloaded all messages in a couple of minutes. Thanks to the developer team!!”


In this blog, we have discussed an automated and effective method to download Yahoo Mail emails. The tool is a very easy and proficient method to download emails from Yahoo mailbox. We have disclosed the working and features of this tool. So, install the demo version of this tool to download Yahoo emails.

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Ques: Does this tool support option to download Yahoo mailbox folder in bulk?
Ans: Yes, using this tool one can download Yahoo mailbox in bulk. With the demo version, users can download 100 emails only.

Ques: How to download emails from Yahoo account with all attachments?
Follow the below-mentioned steps to download emails from Yahoo account:

Step-1: Launch the tool and login account.
Step-2: Select the file format as per need.
Step-3: Browse the ideal location as per your choice.
Step-4: Click on Start to download Yahoo Mail emails.

Ques: Can I download attachments along with emails using this tool?
Ans: Yes, this tool support feature to download emails with attachments in original file format.

Ques: Does the tool provide a feature to download emails from a specific date range?
Ans: Yes, with the help of the Apply Filter option, users can download emails from a specific date interval.

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