Know How to Delete Yahoo Emails by Date Range Easily

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In this blog, we will know how to delete Yahoo emails by date range, the significance of backup, and a backup solution.

Yahoo Mail is a famous web-oriented email client application, mostly it is used by corporates, schools, colleges, and many more.

But due to its extensive usage, the storage of the inbox gets huge. In such circumstance’s users search to delete emails to get storage space.

Yet, deleting emails from Yahoo Mail manually is a little bit difficult if you having thousands of emails and folders and you need to delete selective emails.

Therefore, here we will tell you the best solution to delete all emails from Yahoo Mail. But prior to the solution part let us know the significance of the deletion of Yahoo emails.

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Significance of Deletion of Yahoo Mail Emails

  • Deletion of unwanted emails, attachments leads to the access of storage.
  • The receiving and sending of emails work properly.
  • It became easier to manage and search the emails from the folders.
  • Prevent overloaded data and would not hang your browser or system.

So, these are some of the importance why users delete emails from Yahoo Mail or any email application. Now, let us know the methods to delete emails.

Methods to Delete Yahoo Emails by Date Range

There are numerous methods to delete emails from Yahoo Mail if you search on the web. But do you think all methods work?

No!! not at all. Therefore, here we will discuss methods that are tested and verified by experts so that you will not get any further issues in the future. So, let’s see the list of methods to delete Yahoo Mail emails.

  • Manual Method to Delete Emails by Date Range
  • Direct and Automated Method to Delete Yahoo Emails

These are the two methods which we will study here. Both these methods are verified and will work effectively without any problem.

Manual Method to Delete Emails by Date Range

Before using the manual method, you should know that if you have to delete few emails then use this method to delete Yahoo emails by date range. But if you are having emails in bulk then skip this method and use the automated method.

  1. Open Yahoo Mail on any of your browser.
  2. Now, click on the drop-down list, and from the list of options click on All.
  3. Uncheck the emails which you don’t want to delete from folder.
  4. To delete more emails, jump to the next page and select emails or just simply click on All.
  5. Finally, click on the Delete and this will delete the selected emails.

These are the steps to delete Yahoo emails but as we mentioned above if you have few emails then this is the best method but if you need to delete emails in bulk. Then, we recommend using the below-mentioned method.

But, deleting emails from the account is correct?

No, we recommend taking a backup first before deleting it. We never know what will require in the future so it’s better to have a backup of emails. So, before going to the automated solution let us look at why you should backup emails before deleting them.

Why Should Have to Backup Emails Before Deleting?

  • Users can retrieve the emails when required.
  • To secure Yahoo Mail account data.
  • In case of data corruption and other issues on an email account, emails would remain unaffected and safe due to backup.
  • Users can convert it into multiple file-formats as per the requirement after taking backup.

Direct and Automated Method to Delete Yahoo Emails by Date Range

Keeping in mind the importance of having backup, Mailbakup Yahoo Backup Tool is designed in such a way that you perform both tasks simultaneously. Using this tool anyone can backup and delete emails simultaneously.

Moreover, this tool supports multiple advanced features such as backup and delete emails by date range, delete selective folders, delete emails in bulk. Also, the tool enables support to backup emails from Yahoo in multiple file-formats; PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, and PDF.

So, use this method to backup and delete emails from Yahoo Mail. Also, the working of this tool is very straightforward and simple, let us see the working.

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Working of This Tool

  • Get the tool and launch it on your computer and log in account.


  • Select file format to backup emails from Yahoo.

file formats

  • Click on Delete After Download to remove emails.

delete after download

  • Select Apply Filter option to delete Yahoo emails by date range.

date range filter

  • At last, browse the location and click on Start to begin process.

start delete and backup

Finally, you have successfully backup and deleted emails from Yahoo Mail as per need.


Are you looking to delete Yahoo emails by date range? Then, this blog is for you because, in this blog, we have discussed the solution to backup and remove emails from Yahoo. This blog is a proper guide for you on how to export Yahoo Mail folder first and then delete

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