The Best Way to Archive iCloud Mail [2020 Tips and Tricks]

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In this article, you will come to know about the best way to how to archive iCloud Mails. We will disclose the manual as well as an automated method to export emails from iCloud Mail account.

“I need to archive my iCloud mails. I tried lots of methods but none of them have worked. Therefore, please suggest to me a method that helps me how to archive Apple iCloud Mail. Kindly help!!”

The above situation has come from the client to our group. This is a typical issue we get these types of queries every day from random users. So, if you are also finding the solution for the same query then, read this blog till finish as this will help you to archive your iCloud Mail.

Know How to Archiving iCloud Mail Easily

To Archive the iCloud mail, Mailbakup Apple Mail Backup Tool one of the best software which allows you to Archive iCloud Mails. This iCloud Mail backup software supports an option to backup Apple Mail emails in Mac OS X 10.15, 10.14, 10.13, and all the below versions of Mac OS X. Additionally, the UI of this tool is very simple so that anyone can easily know how to create a record of iCloud Mail.

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Reason Why We Archive Apple Mails

If you’re asking why archiving iCloud mails. Then, there are a few things to consider. First, what does archive mean for your email? People mostly simply use the archive function when they want to clean up their inbox without deleting mail. This can be useful when you don’t want to sort old emails but you can’t deal with it cluttering up your email inbox.

Some use the email archive functions for more concrete reasons, such as legal compliance and protection or to ensure that data is not accidentally deleted or lost. Archiving allows important emails and attachments to archive iCloud mails, to be kept safe and secure in a different folder, they can then be referred back to later or deleted from the email archive when no longer needed.

Features of Apple Mail Backup Tool

The Best Way to Archiving iCloud Mail

Firstly, get the Apple backup tool and follow the steps mentioned below

 Download and install the Apple mail IMAP backup tool.Mac iCloud Backup loginlogin with iCloud account Credentials

Select email format to transfer iCloud Mail emails with attachments.File Format

After that, choose a destination to save backup to a Hard drive.

PST3 Hit on the Start backup button to save backup to hard drive.PST5

Manual Method to Archive Apple Mail

To archive iCloud mail. First, you have to configure the Apple Mail account to desktop-based email client applications like Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook, etc. After configuring your account, you can easily export emails from iCloud Mail. In my case, I am using Outlook so after configuring Apple Mail account to account. You can archive iCloud Mail emails from Outlook using the below-mentioned steps:

  1.  First, open Outlook and click on File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export
  2. Now, select the Export to a File option from the list
  3. Afterward, choose Outlook Data File (.pst) option from the give options
  4. Here, the select account you want to export and click Next
  5. Finally, browse the desired location to export and click the Finish button


Wrap Up

Somehow, if you get stuck in a situation in which you have to know how to archive iCloud mails. So, at that time Apple Mail backup tool helps you to solve your problem without any difficulty. However, this tool helps you find your solution and some other great features which are mentioned above in the article. So, we recommend you to use this software to archive Apple Mails.

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