Guide to Export Email to PST in Few Steps

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MS Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird are among the best email clients of the present time. You may want to export email to PST file. Mostly, individuals move mailbox to PST file in light of the fact that their organizations need them to do as such. The process to move messages to PST becomes does not provide any service to download emails in PST file.
By virtue of that emails is an important part of communication, this transformation should be done cautiously. In the event that any single mail is lost, at that point, you may confront some trouble and burden in exporting Outlook mail to PST file.

If you are looking for how to do this, read the blog for the complete process to export email messages from Outlook to PST file. But, before discussing the solutions, let us know the reasons to transfer Outlook emails to PST file.

Techniques to Export Email to PST

Proceeding onward how about we examine the different methods to convert email from Outlook to Thunderbird on another PC. As we all know there is no direct method to send out emails to Thunderbird. So, we will discuss an automated method to import Outlook email to Thunderbird. Basically, follow the steps, and perform the way toward export in Outlook mail to Thunderbird.

Save Emails Using Automated Software

As we have talked that there is no other manual technique in the above segment. But, no need to worry because we will make sure that you will not get into trouble while exporting email messages from Outlook to the PST file. Therefore, it is smarter to go for an automated tool like Mailbakup Backup Tool and effectively move Outlook mail to Thunderbird with no bother. Here are some intriguing features of this utility.

Progressed Features of this Backup Tool

  • Graphical User Interface is intended to give the client a great experience
  • No impediment on the file size and number of PST documents to be export
  • Bulk convert of emails from Outlook to Thunderbird
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows
  • Available in Windows and Mac both the platforms
  • Able to convert the corrupted PST file to MBOX

Steps to Convert Outlook Emails to Thunderbird

Download and Run Export Tool


Fill out the login credentials of Outlook account to login


Now, select the PST file format to convert PST file to MBOX


Click on the Browse button in order to save the resultant file to the desired location


Finally, click on the Start button to start the export emails to PST


Now, go to the location which you selected to export emails from Outlook to preview the emails locally.


In the above blog, we have examined different techniques to export email to PST. There is no method to directly download emails to PST file. Therefore, it is energetically prescribed to utilize an automated tool to export emails from to PST. As it is more dependable to move emails from Outlook to PST file.

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