Easy Method to Move Outlook PST File to Another Location in Just a Few Steps

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MS Outlook is the most generally used email application by numerous industry experts. It stores whole client mailbox data in Personal Storage table (PST) as data files. The PST files live on the client’s PC. However, there is a circumstance, when the client needs to move Outlook PST file to another location from the current one. The new location could be in any way similar to pen drive, network drive, new PC, and so forth It totally relies upon a person’s inclination where he/she precisely needs to move PST file.

Reasons to Copy Outlook Data File

We will specify a portion of the principle reasons why an individual need to move a PST file to another location.

  1. If you are exchanging between different types of frameworks, similar to the desktop location to PC
  2. In case of changing starting with one version of Outlook then onto the next version of Outlook
  3. For moving from desktop-based Outlook to Outlook Web Access
    In this way, these are the circumstances when you may need to move Outlook PST file to another location.
    The process to move PST File from One Computer then onto the next Computer/Location:
    Having a backup of Outlook PST file to another location saves clients from losing their basic information as clients can restore their data if the first PST file got corrupt or tainted. It very well may be finished by following simple steps:

Make a backup copy of Outlook PST File

Import PST document to Outlook on another PC. We should examine every step-in details:

Process 1. Make a backup copy of Outlook PST file

  1. Click on the Start, at that point go to “Run” and type “control panel” and tap the OK button.
  2. It will lead you to the Control panel window. Presently click on User Accounts.
  3. Presently double tap on the Mail icon to open it.
  4. On the mail arrangement window, click on Show Profiles.
  5. Now, click on the Properties, and afterward click on Data Files.
  6. Under Name, double tap on the Personal folder that you need to backup. And afterward, copy the way name that shows up.
  7. Presently close all the windows, and open Windows Explorer or My Computer, and paste the file at any desired location
    Here you can see the PST file(s). Presently to take a backup of a .pst file, simply reorder it at another location on the hard drive, external drive, or any removable storage drive.

Process 2. Move Outlook PST File to Another Location

  1. Dispatch the MS Outlook application. Go to the File tab and click on the Open & Export>Import/Export.
  2. In Import and Export Wizard, click on Import from another program or file, and hit Next to continue further.
  3. Now, select Outlook data file (.pst) and click on the Next.
  4. Browse and pick your PST file. Under Options, select the specific choice according to your prerequisite.
  5. At last, select the folder that you need to import and furthermore check the Include subfolders option and click on the Finish button to start the process.

While moving PST file from one PC then onto the next, your PST file may get tainted. So, it is recommended you use some third-party tools to dispose of such an issue.
There is no immediate strategy to move the PST file from one PC then onto the next manually. To do such, you need to follow techniques as referenced previously. Despite the fact that it is a very tedious and risky process and you should ensure you perform step by step procedures cautiously to dodge Outlook PST document issues and move Outlook PST file to another location.
Therefore, we recommend using a third-party tool such as Outlook.com Email Backup tool. This tool is very effective and the best tool to transfer Outlook PST file from one location to another. Moreover, this tool provides additional features while backup Outlook PST file such as split PST file this feature helps to export large PST files into smaller PST file size. Also, this tool supports the option to export the PST file in multiple file formats. Now, in order to move the Outlook PST file, follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to Transfer Outlook Data File

Download and Run Outlook PST Backup tool on your computer.


Login to Outlook mail account in this software.


Now, select the folders you want to move or export from the PST file.


Select the Export type file format according to need.


Now, browse the location to Save PSt file emails to desired location.


Finally, click on the Start button to execute the backup Outlook PST file process.



In this blog, we have talked about how one can move Outlook PST file to another location. We have talked about the reasons and situations wherein moving a PST from one location to another is essential. At last, we have given the way toward doing likewise in an excellent manner. Aside from this, in the event that you are confronting another basic issue with PSTs, similar to corruption, at that point, we recommend you use the third-party Outlook PST file backup email tool. This tool is all you require to use on account of serious corruption issues in the PST files. I Hope, this blog has helped you to move your PST file emails effectively.

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