How to Backup Emails from AOL Account-Simply Guide

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Backup emails from AOL account is a wise decision as it does not only help in keeping your data secure in case your account get hacked or the data gets corrupted, it can also help you have access to your data even when you are offline.

AOL Mail saves all your incoming and outgoing AOL emails in the mailbox folders. You can take the backup of the mailbox folders on your computer hard drive to keep your emails secure and have easy access to them anytime.

Why to Backup AOL Emails

If you are thinking about why to take a backup, it is necessary or not. Then, the following section will provide you a proper and clear-cut idea about the importance of AOL email backup. There is a user query that is related to AOL email backup.

“Hello everyone! I am Dan Parrack, I am an AOL mail user and having lots of data in it. I need to backup my emails from AOL account to secure emails from data loss and hackers. But I don’t know the process that how-to export emails from AOL account, suggest me best method to backup my AOL emails”

How to Backup Emails from AOL Account

You have a lot of Mails in your Mailbox and these emails taking a lot of storage, but you don’t want to delete them. In such cases, you have to back up your emails from AOL account.

Straight to moves export emails from AOL account, Mailbakup AOL Backup Tool is one of the best software which allows you to download emails from AOL account. This tool permits to backup of AOL Mail to PC in Various types of file formats like PDF, MBOX, PST, MSG, EML, etc.

This tool provides you a feature to delete data from the mail server, after taking backup. This software gives you to advantage to keep the chain of all the folders, order AOL account unblemished during the backup of all AOL email process.

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Features of AOL Backup Tool

  • AOL backup formats featured: Inbox/ Sent Items/ Trash
  • This software supports Email Filter via Date: To and From
  • Maintain 100% folder hierarchy during the process AOL data download in AOL backup tool
  • Option to take backup from single/multiple user accounts.
  • AOL backup tool is viable to work with all versions of windows
  • This tool doesn’t need Outlook installation for AOL Backup in PST format
  • This tool is broadly available as it supports multiple languages
  • Pause and Resumes option accessible to oversee Live AOL Mail backup
  • Users can add AOL email account to Outlook

Steps to Backup Emails from AOL Account

Firstly, get the AOL backup software and follow the action given below:

  • Start the AOL Backup Software

AOL mail email backup tool

  • Then, add credentials by using, email account


  • After that, select the file format to backup AOL email folder

select pdf file format

  • Then, choose the destination folder to download AOL mail to PC.

browse location

  • At last, press the start button to archive AOL data to PC.

start backup

Manual Procedure to Save Emails from AOL Account

There are two manual methods to backup emails from AOL account which are explained below.

Method 1: Backup AOL Mail Via Print Messages Feature

  1. First, log in to your AOL account with correct credential
  2. Then transfer AOL mail open those messages and click on More
  3. After that, Drop-down the menu and click on the print message
  4. Then, the Another tab will open in the same windows, after this click on the change
  5. Next, select save as PDF and then, press save button to save AOL email to computer
  6. At last, choose the desired location to download AOL mail to computer and click on save

Method 2: Save AOL Emails to Hard Drive Using View Messages Source

  1. Firstly, sign in to AOL account enter username and password
  2. To download AOL mail to computer or hand disk open that messages and click on more
  3. Drop-down the menu and click on view messages source a new window will open
  4. Press Ctrl + S and select the desired location to save the mail
  5. Now, go to the location and change the file extension from txt to EML and open the file

Limitations of Manual Method

  • If you don’t have sufficient time to backup emails from AOL account. Then, the manual method is not suitable for you, the manual method is a time-consuming and long method to export emails from AOL account.
  • The manual procedure of backup AOL emails is quite complex and if you’re not a technical user, it could be difficult for you to perform.

Final Verdicts

In the above sections, we have mentioned manual and automated solutions to backup emails from AOL account. But you can see that the manual method is more time taking and does not ensures the integrity of AOL emails while taking the backup of email from the AOL account.

The data is a useful resource and an asset that has to be kept very carefully. If the data is not managed properly it may lead to a huge loss. So, we recommend you proceed with the automated method. This method is fast and helps you to overcome all disadvantages of the manual method. Also, you can export AOL email contacts to Outlook.

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