How to Easily Import Maildir to Thunderbird Account

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It is safe to say that you are experiencing difficulty to Import Maildir to Thunderbird? Here is the ideal guide for you to escape this state. This blog will give all of you the manual and direct steps to convert Maildir to Thunderbird or we can say that to convert Maildir to MBOX. Follow this guide cautiously, and you’ll have the option to import emails into thunderbird.

About Maildir and Thunderbird

Maildir: It is the well-known email file format for storing the email database as it were. Fundamentally, it is a composed and orderly method of email format which is researched by Qmail Client. This kept each email message in a different file with one of a unique name and all its folders called a directory. Also, this Maildir directory contains three sub-registries for example temp, new, and cur.

Thunderbird: It is the desktop-based email application created by Mozilla Foundation. This email program gives the office to send, get messages with impeccable security highlights. Mozilla Thunderbird gives so many progressed features and functionalities like – email message the management, numerous themes, junk mail filtering, upholds various file formats, configure through POP and IMAP, it very well may be run with Windows, Linux, and OS.

Reasons for Export Maildir to Thunderbird

The reasons behind converting Maildir to Thunderbird are-

  1. Thunderbird gives many progressed features.
  2. To browse old Maildir messages using Thunderbird’s Linux Operating System.
  3. At the point when clients need to move messages to the Maildir cur folder in Thunderbird.
  4. Now, for bringing in Mac client files to Thunderbird from Windows Maildir.

How to Convert Maildir to MBOX legitimately?

Thus, individuals’ clients needed to change over the Maildir to Thunderbird MBOX file format and afterward import the MBOX file to Thunderbird. Yet, this strategy is extensive and error-free. Presently, clients can straightforwardly import Maildir to Thunderbird by using Maildir Backup Wizard. Download the tool now and begin bringing the Maildir file into your picked TB profile.

Maildir Email Backup tool offers the option to import Maildir files into the Thunderbird profile. Clients can import any size of Maildir files into the tool and the product will move it with no blunder. One can even import numerous files simultaneously. This tool upholds importing emails and attachments of Maildir files alongside signature, inline images, and so on. This application is reasonable for all versions of Thunderbird including Thunderbird 68.

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Top Features of Maildir to Thunderbird Importer

  • Double file addition mode for mass file expansion
  • Specific Maildir file data import with date filter
  • Feature to keep up folder order of original file
  • Auto-loading of all configured Thunderbird profile
  • Import into any configured profile of Thunderbird

How to Convert Maildir to Thunderbird: Automated Method

Execute Maildir Backup software and Add Maildir files or folders.


After adding files, a client can preview all the files. Click on the Next.

Select file

Select Mails to export and click on Export Selected option.

export selected

Select the File Format as MBOX and click on the Browse button.


Finally, click on the Export button and all the exported Maildir emails can be in the Thunderbird MBOX File format.


So, after exporting Maildir emails into MBOX file format. Import MBOX file directly to Thunderbird using Thunderbird Import/Export wizard

Export MBOX File to Thunderbird

At first, download and install the ImportExportTools3.1 Add-on in your downloaded Thunderbird.

  1. At that point restart Thunderbird and make a mailbox for import.
  2. Pick that mailbox.
  3. Now, pick thunderbird Import/Export Tools >Import Emails from the Tools menu from Thunderbird Import wizard.
  4. At that point, change the type of file alternative to All Files.
  5. Pick files from the Maildir directory. In the individual mailboxes, messages will regularly be in the cur directory. The cur directory in the base of the Maildir folder will be your inbox.
  6. Finally, Click on the Open button.

    With these steps, you can ready to import emails into Thunderbird. Yet, Thunderbird has a few restrictions that no file type can be straightforwardly imported by the client. Therefore, Maildir files should be changed over into MBOX then can be brought into Thunderbird.


Importing Maildir files to Thunderbird emerges as Thunderbird offers data to be sorted out in an appropriate way. So, to convert Maildir to a thunderbird, the most ideal arrangement is to straightforwardly move Maildir to Thunderbird with the help of a third-party tool like the Maildir Backup Tool. This is the expert solution to convert the Maildir file to MBOX thunderbird file.

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