How to Convert Maildir to MBOX?

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“I need to import Maildir into Thunderbird. However, the thunderbird application upholds the MBOX file format. Is there any solution to convert Maildir to MBOX to effortlessly bring Maildir Files into the Thunderbird email client? Kindly Help!!”

The above situation comes to us through a client query to our group. This is a typical issue that is happening to a few Maildir clients to need to import Maildir to Thunderbird. Indeed, the response to this issue is in this blog. Read this blog till the finish to find the essential solution for convert and import Maildir to Thunderbird (MBOX). Prior to that, you should know the fundamental contrast between Maildir and Thunderbird MBOX files.

Maildir File:

This is an email format that is used to store email messages by a few email clients like Dovecot, Postfix, Mutt, and so on It stores mailboxes in a more efficient and coordinated manner. It for the most part makes a different file with a novel name for every approaching email.

Thunderbird – A MBOX Email Client

It is a desktop-based email client that is used to send and get email messages by a few clients and associations around the world. It uses the MBOX file configuration to store email messages. Maildir to MBOX conversion is important to import Maildir to Thunderbird.

Why People Convert Maildir to Thunderbird MBOX

There are numerous reasons to change Maildir file to Thunderbird. The following is the list of significant purposes behind the equivalent. See:

  • The Thunderbird email application offers different progressed features.
  • Users can preview the old Maildir email messages using Thunderbird’s Linux version.
  • Convert Maildir to MBOX to move emails to the Maildir mongrel folder in the Thunderbird email client.
  • Need to import Mac client documents to Thunderbird from Windows Maildir format.

Steps to Convert Maildir to Thunderbird MBOX

There is no immediate method to import Maildir straightforwardly to Thunderbird. To begin with, you need to change over Maildir to MBOX and from that point onward, you can import MBOX document to Thunderbird.

  • Export Maildir to MBOX using Maildir Email Backup Tool
  • Import MBOX to the Thunderbird email application.

Convert Maildir to MBOX to Import Maildir to Thunderbird

Use the Maildir Backup Tool by Mailbakup to ex Maildir to MBOX with attachments. This tool converts Maildir folders and subfolders like tmp, cur, new easily. You can perform bulk export of Maildir emails to MBOX with no problem. Let’s comprehends the working of the Maildir converter tool.

Steps to Change Maildir to MBOX

Download and dispatch the Maildir Email Backup Tool on your PC.

Now, click File >> Add Folder to explore the Maildir location.

Maildir Backup Tool

Pick Maildir Folders from where you need to export emails.

Select file

Click on Export button to select emails you need to transfer

click export

Select the Emails you have to convert from Maildir to Thunderbird MBOX

export selected emails

Select MBOX file format as export type.

Select MBOX file format

After that browse the location to save the converted Maildir file to MBOX.

Browse to Convert Maildir emails

Finally, click on Export button to save converted emails to the prescribed location.

Export button

Import MBOX into Thunderbird

Now, you successfully convert Maildir to MBOX. Now, you need to install the Import/Export Tools add-on in your Thunderbird application to continue with the MBOX import. In the event that you already installed an add-on, then follow the steps to import MBOX to Thunderbird.

  1. Start Mozilla Thunderbird, click on Tools, pick Import/Export Tools, and Click Import MBOX File.
  2. Select choice Import directly one or more MBOX files and click OK.
  3. After that, browse the exported MBOX file location on your PC.
  4. After the import process gets completed, you can consider all to be imported mailbox items.

Time to Unite All the Things

As talked about there is no immediate techniques accessible to convert Maildir to MBOX. It is obligatory to change Maildir to MBOX and later import MBOX to Thunderbird using the upper mentioned approach. So, I trust now you can undoubtedly import Maildir into Thunderbird by following this guide. Till then continue reading.

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