Hotmail Account Not Working – How to Get Access to Data?

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What to do if Hotmail account not working situation occurs?

More and more organizations are moving towards Hotmail because of its innovative functionalities. This causes additional users to rely on its email services for their day-to-day work.

However, Hotmail like any other email client can have a sudden outage anytime.

And, if you are that person whose entire work is dependent on just one email client without having any alternatives, it can turn out to be a grave problem for you.

How does this sudden interruption occur that causes issues like Hotmail account stopped working?

Downtime can be a result of cyber-attacks, equipment breakdown, crime, any major weather event, hardware failure or any third-party provider in your supply chain.

It badly affects the business and can lead to a huge loss in terms of money and reputation.

How can an email outage affect your business?

According to research, an unanticipated failure could cost a business an average of USD 164,000 an hour in 2014 and this has increased to USD 260,000 per hour in 2016.

There are various other effects that this issue has on businesses. Let’s take a look at them.

Other Effects on Business in Hotmail Account Not Working Situation

  1. Load of important data-loss.
  2. Staff hours wasted and satisfaction dwindling as outages continue or recur.
  3. Increased workforce turnover as frustrated workers leave to look for work elsewhere.
  4. When networks are down, time-sensitive chances are missed.
  5. Customer retention and the brand suffers. Customers leave negative reviews on the customer service platforms.
  6. Customer loyalty decreases; Customers that are dissatisfied with the service are likely to switch to a rival.

What Can Businesses do to Overcome Hotmail Account Stopped Working Situations?

Businesses or professionals should always keep a backup of all their data to experience continual email access during any interruption of service.

This is why it is always recommended by experts to use the Hotmail Backup Tool to resolve your dual issues.

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To begin, it provides a backup of your data so that you can keep it secure.

Second, it allows you to export your data in a variety of file formats. This allows keeping your data safe and continue working with a supportive email client while your Hotmail account not working issue strikes.

Other Unique Features of the Tool

  1. The software allows you to create a backup of your email data in a variety of email formats. This can help you in switching to a different email client for the time being. Some of the email client and the file formats they accept are PST, MBOX, EML, MSG, PDF, VCF for contacts, & ICS for calendars,
  2. The tool even allows you to create a backup of your email data in bulk.
  3. If you create a backup at a daily interval to avoid situations like Hotmail account stopped working, this tool allows you to make Incremental Backup. It will ignore all emails that have already been downloaded and just save the most recent ones.
  4. The Date-filter allows the user to assign a date range and have the tool export only emails that fall within that range.
  5. The Delete after Download function allows you to delete the emails after you download them from your mailbox.
  6. The Pause and Resume option provides flexibility to stop the backup process in case of any emergency, and resume it later.

Stepwise Procedure to Take Backup to Get Over the Case of Hotmail Account Not Working Issues

Step 1: You must first install the program on your Windows computer.

Note: If you have a Mac OS machine, you can click on the links given below to download the tool:

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Step 2: Enter your credentials in the Credentials tab and hit Login.


Step 3: After your account has been validated, go to the Select Email Format section and choose your required format. We have chosen EML format.


Step 4: Now, click Browse to find a location for the downloaded file that you can access later in case if Hotmail account stopped working.


Step 5: As previously said, the tool has a variety of features that you can use. Click on the Apply Filters option to activate them.


Step 6: Finally, to create a backup for your data, press the Start button.


By Following the above steps you can easily backup all your emails in a file format you desire and start working with the other email client.

A few more reasons why you should create a backup are explained below.

Is Your Business Prepared to Handle a Sudden Hotmail email outage?

What can be the consequences if your Hotmail account not working and email was not accessible even for a few minutes?

Communication is almost impossible without email access, which affects your company’s competitiveness and earnings.

As a result, ensuring email continuity during unplanned downtime becomes critical to minimize the risks associated with such turbulent periods.

Hotmail emails have become an important part of every business, whether it is small or large. All are counting on Hotmail emails for their everyday inquiries, conversations or file sharing.

Businesses spend a lot of money on high-quality services to ensure that vital business technology, such as email, runs smoothly.

However, disasters like Hotmail account stopped working can strike at any moment and they are beyond anybody’s control.

In situations like these, when because of a sudden outage your entire work has come to a halt, can you with your fellow people just sit idle for hours waiting for the problem to be fixed?


This is the reason why depending on a single email client, here, Hotmail is not a great idea and why creating a backup in another format is suggested to access your emails later.

Last words

Email outage is something you can have no control over. It is preferable to be prepared for the worst-case scenarios, here, Hotmail account not working situation.

Therefore, it is advised to always have an email solution on hand by creating a backup in the desired format. So that even if your mail servers crash, you’ll not face any significant loss.

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