Export Hotmail Emails to Outlook – What Techniques Are There?

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User Query: Is there any way I can export Hotmail emails to Outlook? Since Hotmail is rebranded to Outlook and all the existing accounts are closing, I need to perform this operation in bulk. Please help me with this! Also, I need a safe and secure solution which I can rely on for not losing my data.

Hotmail after being rebranded by Microsoft became Outlook. It has grown to become one of the most popular emailing services in the world, with Microsoft upgrading the interface to provide a better experience to its users with Hotmail (Outlook.com).

If there is no difference between Hotmail and Outlook, then why would users want to export emails from Hotmail to Outlook?

Hotmail (now known as Outlook) is an email service, which can be accessed from the web browser. But if you want to access your emails when you don’t have an internet connection, then you require a desktop-based email client like Outlook.

For this reason, exporting emails to Outlook becomes necessary. Here, you will find the perfect method and the entire procedure to move he data. You can choose the solution which is suitable for your situation.

What Are the Techniques to Export Hotmail Emails to Outlook?

Outlook application accepts only PST file formats, so it becomes imperative to download or create a backup in that format before importing them to the Outlook application.

But, why are users willing to save their data in Outlook data file?

  1. In the PST file format, MS Outlook can save the intact mailbox objects locally on your system.
  2. Most apps are synchronized with Outlook.
  3. Microsoft Outlook has a more familiar user interface than Hotmail.

The process to export emails from Hotmail to Outlook can be performed in two ways i.e. manually or professionally.

Is The Manual Way Suitable to Download Hotmail Emails to Outlook Supported Format?

No it isn’t.

Manually, it is an extensive and tedious process. The complications in the operation make it almost impossible for a non-technical person to perform.

In this method, as explained above, you need to first configure your Hotmail account with Outlook and then perform the steps for conversion which is long and time-taking.

So, what is the way out of this problem?

There is an expert-solution that we are going to explain below.

What Way Can We Export Hotmail Emails to Outlook?

In situations where there are a lot of complications in the manual solution, the Hotmail backup tool comes to the rescue. It is strongly recommended by people who have already used it and were also satisfied at the same time.

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This tool not only gives you an option to create a backup your data in required format but also provides you with a plethora of options to choose from.

Now, let’s take a look at the features of the tool and then learn the procedure.

Exceptional Features of the Software to Export Emails from Hotmail to Outlook

1. If the user wants to export the emails to some other email client, that can be done by choosing other file format options provided by the tool like- MBOX, EML, MSG, PDF.

2. Email filtering option is a unique function that allows the user to assign a date range and have the tool download only those emails that fall within that time.

3. The software maintains the folder layout when the Hotmail emails are being downloaded and after.

4. The delete after download feature saves the user from deleting the emails manually from the server. Thus, the tool to export Hotmail emails to Outlook can save space after creating a backup to later export them to Outlook.

5. The email header will be completely preserved during the backing up process.

Understand Step-by-Step How to Backup Emails to Outlook Data File

Step 1: Launch the tool and enter your Hotmail credentials to Login.


Use these links to download data on Mac OS machines:

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Step 2: Select the PST file format and Email from Category field to export emails from Hotmail to Outlook.


Step 3: Click on Browse to choose the location for storing the Outlook data file.


Step 4: Press the Delete after Download option and choose Yes when prompted with warning if you want to delete the data from the server.


Step 5: Hit the Apply Filters option to export the data selectively by setting the dates “from” and “to”.


Step 6: Click on the Start button to completely download the emails.


Last Words

Many users wish to access their emails offline and this arises a need to move from Hotmail to Outlook. But not every user can do that comfortably.

Therefore, in this article we have suggested a tool using which you can conveniently export Hotmail emails to Outlook without having to do much.

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