How to Backup Emails from Microsoft Exchange?

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“Hello, I am Marianne Walker. I want to backup emails from Microsoft Exchange safely and securely without facing any data loss issues. And I have thousands of emails in my account and I want to access them in offline mode. So, please provide me a solution to save emails from Microsoft Exchange. Thanks in advance.”

In today’s world, Microsoft Exchange is one of the most popular applications. We can share all the important or not so important information with each other using this Microsoft Exchange application.

Most of the MNC’s or businesses use this app to Exchange all the client data and other information with each other. But, nowadays we know that hacking, ransomware attacks, some accidental deletion are common. So, if anything happens like this you can lose all your data permanently.

Therefore, to avoid this kind of situation you should save emails from Microsoft Exchange. Also, the other reason to save emails from Microsoft Exchange is that we cannot store a huge amount of emails because it will increase the database size.

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Do you have the same query as above or similar to that? If Yes, then don’t panic. Because this blog will tell you the genuine and reliable solutions using which one can easily backup emails from Exchange Server. Also, we will discuss the need to backup emails in the next section.

Need to Backup Emails from Microsoft Exchange?

  1. Users can access the data in offline mode.
  2. Archiving the emails will reduce the size of the Exchange mailbox.
  3. The chances of data loss will be reduced.
  4. Microsoft Exchange application will work and perform better.
  5. You can rid of your messed up mailbox

So, these are some of the reasons that why there is a need to save emails from Microsoft Exchange.

How to Export emails from Microsoft Exchange using New-MailboxExportRequest Cmdlet?

By using the NewMailboxExportRequest command in EMS admins can easily export Exchange mailboxes to PST file.


  • The user needs to be a part of the role group and with the Mailbox Import Export role. Admin can assign permission to a user by using the given command.

New-ManagementRoleAssignment -Role “Mailbox Import Export” -User DomainName/UserName or alias

  • You need to create shared folder location so that you can save the exported files.

Backup Single Mailbox using Power Shell Command

  • To backup single mailbox, you need to know the name of the mailbox. Enter the following command in EMS to add all the mailboxes.

Get-MailboxStatistics -Server YourExchangeServerName

  • Now, create a mailbox backup in the PST file on the shared location by entering the given command.

New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox “MailBoxName” -FilePath \\Servername\SharedFolderPathName\FileName.pst

  • Users can use the additional parameters to limit or modify the exported contents.

How to use Parameters in Power Shell?

  • Content Filter Parameter

For example, to export files having subject “RE” in beginning before any specific date like 05-02-2020 can use the given command:

New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox “MailBoxName” -ContentFilter {(Received -lt ’01/01/2020′) -and (Subject –like ‘Re*’)} -FilePath \\Servername\SharedFolderPathName\FileName.pst
-ExcludeFoldersand -IncludeFoldersParameters

Also, to backup emails from Microsoft Exchange from the sent and the inbox items to PST file format you can use the command given below:

New-MailboxExportRequest -IncludeFolders “#Inbox#/*”,”#SentItems#” -Mailbox “MailBoxName” -FilePath \\Servername\SharedFolderPathName\FileName.pst

  • -IsArchive Parameter

This parameter shows the archive as the export medium.

New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox “MailBoxName” -IsArchive -FilePath \\Servername\SharedFolderPathName\FileName.pst

Note: To complete any specific task or operation, the single New-MailboxExportRequest command can also contain more than one parameter.

How to check it worked?

You can know this by using the following commands:

Get-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox “MailboxName” | Format-List
Get-MailboxExportRequest -Status completed -Database RDB01

The later command shows the completed request of backup in the RDB01 database.

You need to enter the given command to check the backup emails from the Microsoft Exchange process.


You can also check the Shared Folder location to check the backup PST file.

Shortcomings of Manual Method

  • You can lose your data in between the exporting process.
  • Using these manual methods will be a big task for non-technical users.
  • The user cannot stop or resume the manual method according to his choice.
  • Internet connection is a must, If the internet connection gets interrupted then you need to start the whole process again.
  • Lengthy and time-consuming method to backup emails.

So, users can avoid the limitations of this method by using a professional tool i.e., Exchange Server Mailbox Backup Tool

Professional Tool to Backup Emails from Microsoft Exchange

You can follow the procedure to save the emails safely:

  • The very first step is to download the automated software and Install that in your system.

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  • To save the emails click on the “Add File” option.

Add File

  • Now, search or select the files.

select and search file

  • After doing the above steps, now you can see the preview of the emails.

preview emails

  • Now, select all the emails and click on the “Export” button.

click Export

  • To filter the emails, select the “Advanced Settings” option and also choose the file format.

file format and advanced settings

  • Here, click on the “Browse” button and search for a location to save the files, and click on the “Ok” button.

Browse location

  • Finally, just tap on the “Export” button.

Start backup

Advanced Features of this Software

  • Backup Emails from Microsoft Exchange in multiple file formats.
  • Users can save public and private types of folders.
  • You can also save the calendars, contacts, journals, etc.
  • Filter all the emails by applying the date range filter.
  • The software also maintains the folder structure hierarchy.

Summing Up

In this write-up, we have discussed different methods to Backup emails from Microsoft Exchange. But, the manual methods have some major drawbacks. So, to overcome those drawbacks users can use automated software to save emails from Microsoft Exchange. Also, this professional software is safe and reliable. You can take backup of your files without any data loss. Moreover, the tool provides multiple advanced filters to backup emails. Additionally, you can easily Archive Emails from Exchange Server

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