Apple Mail Not Syncing with Gmail – What Measures to Take?

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User Query: What to do if I am going through the Apple Mail not syncing with Gmail error? For work purposes, I use both Apple Mail and Gmail. I’d synced them both, and any activity in one mail service was easily visible in the other. However, for the past few days, any action I take on Gmail has not been reflected on my Apple Mail. I’m also getting an ‘account not synced’ error time and again. How do I get it right?

When it comes to organizational or professional work, Apple Mail and Google’s Gmail are always the chosen ones.

They are separately ruling the digital world. Although, after synchronization, sometimes the “Apple Mail not Syncing with Gmail” error is encountered by various users. It is true that any businesses’ productivity and efficiency only increases if they both are used together.

There are many benefits of syncing Apple Mail with Gmail like-

  1. Ability to use the features of both webmail services.
  2. More safety by having data on both the services.
  3. Makes your work seamless.

However, when a situation like a user is unable to sync both the webmail services occurs, it becomes a huge hindrance in the work.
Therefore, in this article, we will discuss-

  1. How to fix the synchronization error?
  2. What are the causes behind it?
  3. What are the different kind of errors seen when syncing fails?

How to Fix the Problem of Apple Mail Not Syncing with Gmail?

There are a number of reasons causing the error that we are going to learn and how to fix them. Let’s get going and overcome this issue.

1. Reboot Your iPhone

Start with the small tasks first. You might not know that there are high chances that there is a problem with your phone, in which case you should try restarting it.

By simply restarting your phone you can terminate any processes or functions that are causing the syncing problem.

If the problem is not resolved, try the next method.

2. Check Push Settings to Get Rid of the Apple Mail Not Syncing with Gmail Error

This issue can also be caused by incorrect Push settings.

Sometimes, the Push settings are configured in such a way that the sync will happen only when you will perform it manually.

To do this, follow the given steps:

  1. Go to the Settings option.
  2. Navigate Passwords and accounts in the menu.
  3. Now look to fetch new data.
  4. Choose Gmail and then click on Fetch.

Once the process is done, open the application and then refresh the page. The sync would be completed.

3. If you are using a Laptop or a PC

To overcome the Apple Mail not syncing with Gmail error on a laptop or PC, you need to make some modifications in the ‘Gmail’s Security Settings.’

It is possible that there are issues on the Gmail side that need to be settled before you move to resolve the synchronization issue.

See how you can do it:

Step 1: Visit the website – in your browser.

Step 2: Click on the Security tab in the left panel.

Step 3: In the new Security page, go to the Less Secure App Access option and finally turn on the access.

4. Login as a “Test” user & Resolve “Apple Mail Not Syncing with Gmail”

Even though it is not the perfect solution, it is a smart way to manage things in the interim if there is a server problem.

Follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Go to the System Preferences page.
  2. Create a new test user by going to the User and Groups section of the System Preferences.
  3. Now, log out and then log back in, but this time with the test user you just created.
  4. Once it’s started, skip all of the application instalments if prompted. To fix Apple Mail not syncing with Gmail error, sign in directly to your email.

If this above process works, that means there is no problem with the mail or syncing, it is just some apps disturbing the syncing process.

After you have logged in to your system, start deleting the apps you have installed recently because of which you were facing syncing problems.

5. Delete the Account and Setup Again

If none of the above methods work and the problem persists, it is recommended that the account be deleted and then re-created with the mail.

This will remove all traces of the account configuration for good and there will no longer be the Apple Mail not syncing with Gmail error.

However, if you are concerned about your important Gmail data, it is best to back it up before deleting it.

How to Create an Archive of Important Data?

Don’t worry; in this article, we have described the simplest and most recommended tool for meeting all of your needs.

With the help of the Mac Gmail Backup Tool, exporting data in bulk from different user accounts is made easier than ever. The folder hierarchy is also maintained. It allows you to save data in different file formats like PST, MBOX, EML MSG and PDF.

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Solve the Apple Mail not syncing with Gmail issue quickly by taking a backup of your important and specific data only. For that, you can make use of the Date Filter function that allows you to choose a time frame within which the data is to be exported.

Follow the steps to learn better:

Step 1: Download and launch the tool in your Mac OS machine or MacBook.


Step 2: Fill in the credentials for your Gmail account and hit Login.


Step 3: Under Select Email Format section, pick the file format in which you want to download your file. We are going for MBOX format before deleting your account to solve Apple Mail not syncing with Gmail issue.


Step 4: Browse for the destination, where you want to store the downloaded files.


Step 5: Click on Apply Filter option to choose the emails from specific folders and the date-range for certain time-period.


Step 6: Click on the Delete After Download option if you want to remove the emails from your mailbox after completing the process.


Step 7: Tap on the Start button to begin the backup process.


What are the Causes Behind Apple Mail Not Syncing with Gmail?

  1. Server Issue: You need to check if your servers are working properly.
  2. Offline Device: Make sure your device has a stable and working Internet connection.
  3. Enable IMAP: Turn on your IMAP because if it is turned off, it won’t sync.
  4. Wrong Settings: Check in with both the web mail service if the settings were correct and are not interfering with the syncing process.
  5. Outdated App: If the apps are outdated, they may fail to work efficiently and fail the syncing process. Thus, you need to update the applications to solve the issue.

Errors Seen When Apple Mail Not Syncing with Gmail

If Gmail isn’t automatically syncing, you might notice the following issues:

  1. Can’t send an email, or email is stuck in the sending process
  2. Inability to receive or load new email
  3. I am unable to open or read email.
  4. “Account not synced” error message in the inbox
  5. Not receiving new message notifications
  6. The app is extremely slow.
Wrapping Up

In this blog, the syncing problems that Apple users are experiencing with Gmail are discussed. The main causes of the problem “Apple Mail not syncing with Gmail” and some solutions have been shared.

Since email accounts and their security is very crucial, it is also important to backup your data using the tool discussed above.

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