How to Perform Yahoo online Storage Backup?

Export Yahoo Folders to Thunderbird, Outlook etc.

Download Yahoo Mail to PST

Many of the web browser users always bother that data saved on the Server is safe or not. So, there is always a need of a precautionary attempt to rescue emails from getting unethically deleted or used. User can secure their email by the online backup of their web emails. Other web based emails clients may allow you to back up your emails but Yahoo does not does not provide any option to backup your yahoo mails. POP3 feature has been disable by Yahoo for its free users. You must be a Yahoo mail plus subscriber in order to use the POP 3 feature for which you have to pay $20 /year.

Yahoo Online Storage Backup

There are two methods to for backup of your yahoo mails.

  1. By using a desktop email client.
  2. By using a Third Party software.

Backup of Yahoo Mails by using Desktop Email Client

You can backup your web based emails by configuring your email accounts with a desktop email client. Since MS Outlook is a free app which comes with MS Office suite and is most popular desktop based email client. So, here we will use Outlook to perform Yahoo online storage backup.

MS Outlook allows you to add compatible email accounts (such as Gmail, Yahoo) to conveniently access your emails. You can select every folder of your yahoo mail and forward them to MS Outlook in order to add your yahoo emails with MS Outlook but this method is tedious because you have recreate and reorganize your folders afterward. So it's better to synchronize both the accounts to keep everything intact and to yahoo back up emails.
You can follow below mentioned steps to synchronize your yahoo mail with MS Outlook.

  • Step 1: Open MS Outlook >Click on File > Info> Add Account.

    Add Account Window will appear on your screen.
  • Step 2: Click on Manually Configure Server Settings and then Click on Next to continue.

  • Step 3: As you click on Next, Add new account Window will appear on your screen, Select Internet Email and then click on Next.

Step 4: In Internet Email Settings.

  • Type your name, your Yahoo email address, User name and password.
  • Type "" for incoming mail server.
  • Type "" as the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) and then click on More Settings.

  • Step 5: In Internet E-mail Setting Window, Click on General Tab and then type your yahoo email id.

  • Step 6: Select Outgoing Server Tab, Make a check on My Outgoing Server (SMTP) Requires Authentication, make sure use Same Settings As My Incoming Mail Server is selected and then click on Advanced tab.

Step 7: In Advanced tab,

  • Type 995 for Incoming Server (POP3) and 465 for Outgoing Server (SMTP).
  • Choose SSL as a type of encryption connection and make a check on This Server Requires an Encrypted Connection.
  • Make a check on Leave a Copy of Messages on the Server to keep those emails in yahoo account also. Otherwise, the yahoo emails will be removed from the Yahoo Mail Server.
  • Click on OK.

  • Step: 8 Click on Next

  • Step 9: Test Account Settings Window will appear to check the Entered Account Settings.
  • Step 10: Click on Close and then Click on Finish. Restart MS Outlook, click on Send/Receive tab and then select Send/Receive All Folders. All of your yahoo folder will visible on MS Outlook.

Limitations of Manual Method

  • The above explained method is time consuming and complicated for a non tech user.
  • It creates problem and take a long time if you have a large number of emails in your Yahoo account and don't want to export all emails. Since, there is no option to export selected mails so all your Yahoo mails will export to MS Outlook.
  • Entire bandwidth and internet speed will consume in this process that make unable to user to quickly perform any other work on internet.

Backup of Yahoo Mails by using Third party Software

You can use any third party tool to perform Yahoo online storage backup more easily. Yahoo Backup is recommended by the experts for backup of emails from all or selected folders from the single or multiple Yahoo accounts. The Software provides you an option to export yahoo emails to PST, MBOX, EML & MSG formats with Attachments, so that those mails can be easily accessed by the emails clients that supports any of these file formats. By choosing MSG option you can easily export yahoo folders to Thunderbird and also download yahoo mail to PST in order to access yahoo mails in Outlook. In addition, the Yahoo Backup tool also provides you options to set Time slot for backup, Internet bandwidth & Throttling. User can specify internet bandwidth in kbps or mbps and can perform his/her other task also. The Throating option enables you to set the Throating for the BW so that the tool will consume only that percentage of entire internet speed.

Conclusion: In this article, we have explained manual method to back up yahoo emails. Since, the manual method is time consuming and also has some limitations so we have also recommend the best third party tool for the Yahoo Online storage Backup.