How to Backup Gmail To Computer or Local Drive?

Gmail Data to Computer

How to Save Gmail Messages to Hard Drive

Summary: This article illustrates two manual methods to Backup Gmail Emails to Computer. Since those manual methods are complicated so, we also explained an alternative solution to save your Gmail data to computer by exporting your Gmail items to other file formats.

Over the years, our emails collect important information that we don't want to lose, which gives rise to a need to back up our emails to local computer or on a local drive. In this article we will explain how to backup Gmail to computer by different backup methods.

Back up Methods

There are mainly two manual methods to save your Gmail messages to hard drive.

Manual Methods to Backup Gmail Data- Back Up using Google Backup (Take Out)

Google announces a new utility known as Google Takeout that allows you to export and backup your Gmail to hard drive. By using the utility you can download and export your data items from Google products such as Gmail, Calendar, and Photos, etc. You can follow below mentioned steps to create an archive and can use the data in another service.

Create an archive of your Gmail data

  • Open Download your data page (takeout utility). You may need to log in in your Google Account.
  • Select Google products that you want to include in your download.
  • Click on Next.
  • Select File Type of your Archive and Delivery method.
  • Click on Create Archive.
    In this example, we have selected "Send download link via email" as delivery method.
  • Click on Download.
  • As you click on Download Gmail Login Page will appear on your screen. Type your ID and Password. You can also get an email having the link for the archive location.
  • Click on Download to save the Archive on desired location of your computer.
  • Check the Archive file on your selected Location.
  • You will get an email having the link of the archive location according to your selected delivery method.

Back Up Using Desktop Email Clients

In todays connected world of communication, everyone has a desktop email client. Most of the desktop email clients allows user to download emails directly from Gmail. You can follow the below mentioned steps to enable the IMAP protocol in Gmail to backup Gmail's data in desktop email clients data file.

  • Open your Gmail Account. Click on the Gear Icon and then click on Settings from drop down menu.
  • Now, click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab and select Enable IMAP.
  • To apply setting click on Save Changes.
  • Now Open your desktop email client and ADD your Gmail account. Here we will use Outlook as a desktop email client.
  • Launch MS Outlook
  • Click on File. and then Click on Add Account.
  • Select E-mail Account and enter your name, Gmail id and password.
  • Click on Next and then Click on Finish.

Back up using Gmail Backup- An Alternative Solution

You can also use a third party tool for automatically downloading and saving emails in a format that can easily accessed by the email clients. Gmail Backup tool is recommended by the experts to backup your Emails, Contacts, Calendars and Documents from Gmail Account. Backup gmail account to Hard Drive software provides an option to convert your Gmail data into four desired file format; EML, MBOX, MSG and PST and supports backup to MS Outlook, Apple mail, Windows Live mail etc. You can install the free demo version and after verifying the tool you can purchase the full version of Backup Software for Gmail from its official website. By following the below mentioned steps you can easily backup your Gmail with Gmail Backup.

  • Launch the Software
  • Type your User name and Password and then click on Log in.
  • From Select Category, choose the items you want to backup
  • Select the E-mail format in which you want to save your Gmail data.
  • Click on Browse to select the Destination Path
  • If you want to delete your emails after back up then Click on Delete After Download.
  • Click on Apply Filters if you want to export Selected Folder of data items of specified date range.
  • Click on Start to start the Backup Process.

Conclusion: To end, we can say that you can backup your Gmail data by using the above explained manual methods. Since, the manual methods are complicated and it is difficult for a non tech person to back his/her Gmail data by using those methods. So, Gmail backup Software is the best solution to save the Gmail data automatically.

Author Bio: Gmail Backup Utility is a trustworthy product by the organization that aims to backup Gmail to computer. It allows you to export your Gmail data into a format which can be easily accessed by the desktop email clients.